5 Tips for a Girl of Many Hats

As I am sure I am not the only person out there who has to deal with multiple "hats", I want to share some of my tips for juggling life as "A Girl of Many Hats".
At work, we have a phrase for someone covering multiple roles. They are known as being “double-hatted”. Though I only have the one role at work (despite almost becoming a stand-in PA), outside of work I often feel like I spend my time switching hats. Now, I love actual hats. Fedoras. Trilbies. Berets. Bowlers. I love them all! Unfortunately, metaphorical hats that require me to be constantly switching between them are not so much fun. 
As I am sure I am not the only person out there who has to deal with multiple “hats”, I want to share some of my tips for juggling life as “A Girl of Many Hats”.

Multi-Coloured BeretKeep Talking

Don’t just talk to anyone though. Keep talking to God about everything. One of my quiet times recently stuck with me, where they said “the busier you become, the more time you need to spend with God.”* The best thing about prayer is that it doesn’t have to be in a particular way/place/time. So whenever you find yourself in a particular stressful situation or you’re feeling really thankful, send up a quick prayer there and then. God is always listening for His children. But don’t forget your friends and family either. They can be great sounding boards for ideas. When I hang out with Annabel, she spends half the time telling me all about the fictional world she’s creating (she wants to be an author) and bouncing ideas of me. I love it! Plus, it helps her to focus on one of her hats for a small time.

Take Your Time

My great grandma passed down a saying to my mum and I: “less haste, more speed”. You can translate this as “the more time you spend rushing around trying to do everything, the slower you will actually complete anything”. Slowing down and taking one job at a time will actually result in you ticking off your to-do list quicker than trying to do five things at once. 

Shut Your Eyes

Beige Trilby

By that I mean, get some sleep! Okay, I really need to follow my own advice as I’m lucky if I get seven hours on a weekday night. But I also bear the consequences of craving chocolate, yawning in the gym and struggling to get out of bed. So when I say you need to shut your eyes and get some sleep, I mean it! I’m just glad that it is now the Christmas holidays so I can sleep in a little bit in order to catch up on my sleep. Admittedly this is cheating as a big part of my day (work) has been taken out so I have more time to focus on my blog and MA application, but sleep is sleep. I’ll take any chance to increase my hours of dreaming that I can. Why not give yourself a big Christmas present and get some sleep over the holiday period too?

Write It Down

Back in the mists of time – I think during my GCSES – my dad persuaded me to start carrying a small notebook around with me everywhere. Now both him and I are trying to persuade my sister to start doing the same. Why? Because you never know when you will need to write something down. I now have a generic one and a blog-specific notebook. They are so crucial because I just can’t keep everything I need to know in my mind at once. From shopping and reading lists through to quotes or post ideas, my notebooks are like mini insights into my multi-hatted life. If like me, you need to remember so much that it won’t fit in your head, buy a notebook. No bigger than A6 so that it fits in your bag, you’ll soon find yourself lost without it. That or a life covered in post-its… but that could just be me at work.

Black trilby pictureEat, Drink And Be Merry

So you’re busy trying not to do everything at once, write down every thought in your head, get plenty of sleep and spend time talking to friends, family and God. Now I’m asking you to find time for eating, drinking and fun? You are probably thinking this is one step too far but just wait while I explain. Regardless of how busy we are with our many hats, we still need to eat and drink. Try and find a way to structure your day around breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not only will it give structure to your day but it will force you to take time out for a break. At work I force myself to not have my lunch break at my desk. I may end up reading blogger education articles or something from my non-fiction to-read shelf (save the fiction for bedtime), but I have taken a break from my actual work. And I will feel better for it and ready to get going afterwards. In short, you will feel a little “merrier”. The same goes for drinking. We all need to top up our fluids and I know that when I get thirsty I also get tired, groggy and cranky… definitely not merry. So now I start each day with a juice and then a hot drink as soon as I reach my desk. Plus I try to have a full water bottle on my desk at all times when working. Not only is my skin thankful for it but so is my mood and motivation. Who knew that just water could result in a “merrier” you? Trust me and have a go at it.
So there you have my five tips for surviving life as “A Girl of Many Hats”. They might seem like a lot of common sense but my experience is that common sense has a habit of being rather uncommon. I’m not claiming that these five tips will set you up for a super-productive life that will put you on the road to success. That is up to you. What I will say is that even just one of these tips might make life a little more bearable when you feel like you need to be wearing three hats at once. Or at least that’s my hope.

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*The UCB Word for You Today, 7 November 2015

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