5 Places That Make You Happy

As it is always fun to spread a little joy, I thought I would share with you another “5 _____ That Make You Happy”. This time round I’m going to be focusing on the more specific theme of places, because everyone has that special place that they return to over and over again.

Ely Cathedral

Ely Cathedral is the cathedral I grew up with and as such will always have a part of my heart. It was also the focus of my dissertation during my BA so I spent a lot of time there taking photos and researching the Chapter. Fortunately, the memories I have of Good Friday services, lunch in the refectory and just spending my childhood around the cathedral has given it nothing but positive connotations in my life. The Lady Chapel is still one of my favourite places to go and just spend time thinking about basically anything. It’s just a shame that I live about four hours away from Ely. 


Woods are just the best! Anytime of year, they are a wonderful place to visit and explore. There are woods scattered all around my town, providing me with the ideal place to escape reality and indulge myself. While I know some people prefer their ‘me time’ to take the form of bubbly baths and large wine glasses, there is just something about a long woodland walk that makes me feel like myself. You can’t deny that when we feel like ourselves is often when we find we are at our happiest.


 Oh Keswick, how do I describe thee? My home away from home? A rural gem tucked away amongst the fells? As you can tell, I am rather attached to this little Cumbrian town, which is hardly surprising as I’ve spent at least one week there almost every summer since 2001. From walking round Derwent Water munching on an ice cream through to walking up and down the fells, Keswick is one of my favourite places in the whole of Britain and never fails to put a smile on my face. It’s even better when share with friends as well.


I realise this particular choice will make me seem rather grim, morbid and possibly slightly gothic. I just can’t help that I find graveyards to be one of the most peaceful and relaxing environments to spend time in. It is not unheard of for me to take my poetry books and notebook up to the local church and sit in the graveyard there. It might sound utterly depressing to most people but to me the graveyard is somewhere of peaceful tranquility. Yet another place that gives me that happy feeling, though not in such a warm and fuzzy way.

Coffee and Tea Shops

Wherever I am, I always make sure I note where the decent coffee and tea shops are. Though I prefer the independents, if they are happy for me to take up a chair for hours reading and drinking hazelnut lattes and fruit teas, coffee and tea shops everywhere will have a happy customer. I have even been known to use the local Coffee #1 as my workspace when I have felt stifled with the blog. From the hot spiced apple through to the welcoming atmosphere, sitting in Coffee #1 is full of happy memories that will always put a smile on my face.
So those are my top five places for putting a smile on my face. From warming cups of coffee through to spending time in the great outdoors, the world is wonderful and full of beautiful places. But now I’ve shared my favourite places with you, it’s your turn to return the favour. So why don’t you list your top five places in the comments below. Let’s share the happiness around.
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