Working Out with Lucy Locket* || Keeping Fit and Modest

Working Out with Lucy Locket* || Keeping Fit and Modest

This week I was had the chance to work out with Lucy from Lucy Locket Loves. A Sheffield-based personal trainer, Lucy holds regular classes and 1-2-1 sessions out of her studio on Cemetery Road. (I’m also happy to say I did not get lost on my way there!) As I’ve become something of a fitness and food addict, I thought I would take up her offer of a 1-2-1 session to see what all the fuss was about. 

Pushing Past My Limits with Lucy Locket

I’ve started writing this post the day after my workout with Lucy. I’ve also spent today wandering around Cambridge (FYI best “touristy-but-not-touristy” city in England) and my thighs are killing me. Literally, “Ouch!” and “Ow!” are my favourite words of today.


Because Lucy encouraged me to push past my limits and to go further then I normally do in the gym. The result was that the next day I ached all over but knew that it was my muscles getting stronger. Or should I be more specific and say my thighs getting stronger. Yeah, it was my thighs that ached all day because I squatted, lunged and stepped up like I never have done before. And it felt good!

Do you want to know what felt even better? That I have not had painful wrists all day that had to be strapped up in braces to stop them from moving. Some of you may remember that back in 2015 I took a couple of months off blogging because I had tendinitis/tendinopathy. Basically the rubber bands (tendons) in my wrists were over stretched and close to snapping. It took me over a year to build up the confidence to use upper body or free weights during a workout. It took me until my session with Lucy to go over 4kg in dumbells. Yeah, my wrists are straining a little from typing this post up but no overwhelming, “can’t-use-my-wrists-ever-again” crippling pain! Considering that the last time I used heavy weights in the gym I was off work the next day, I’m chalking this one up as a win. I wouldn’t have got there without Lucy and her determination/encouragement to push me past my limits.


I’ve only had a few personal trainer sessions in the past. They had all been in a gym, surrounded by other people doing their own workout routines. It’s kinda hard to concentrate when you’re trying to hear your trainer over everyone else’s strains, grunts and chatter. 

Training with Lucy was completely different. We were in her own studio, which is perfectly sized for 1-2-1 sessions, with huge windows creating a spacious, light space. As it was just the two of us, Lucy was able to give me her complete attention. The result…

I was worked harder than ever before. It was this 100% focus that resulted in me pushing past my limits and lifting weights I normally avoided. From the warm up, I knew it was going to be a tough workout. Lucy had me doing a range of crazy moves, including punching to the side while running. I’m sure looked like a fool but I was sweating just after a couple of minutes. This was followed by some intense squatting with a 7kg medicine ball (that’ll be the thigh ache sorted) and TRX upright rows. This was then rounded off with using various free weights and some serious lunging. I think I would have been more surprised if I hadn’t ached the next day.

Lucy’s 100% focus on the person she was training, i.e. me, went beyond just pushing me. Because my wrists can’t bear lots of weight, Lucy found ways to help me reach my maximum potential without destroying my ability to write. My favourite was one legged squats and lunges because the added difficulty meant I could hold less weight.  

Basically, I had a great time working out with Lucy Locket Loves. I’m trying to decide whether the gym twice a week or one PT session and one session at home would be more beneficial for me. I’m saying that as a confirmed gym rat!

Staying Fit and Modest

Sometimes when I’m working out, I still have time to think about clothes. Let’s not lie, I think about clothes a lot. While working out with Lucy, particularly during the squats, I realised how tight my trackies are across my bum. Clearly a sign that the squats were doing their job. Not so good on the modesty side.

As this is technically a “fashion week” (I try to cycle through faith, fashion, and food on a monthly basis), I thought I would also include some options for stylish but modesty gym clothes. Just to get me in the swing of looking.

I’ve included a lot of longline tops on here because the biggest problem I have is my bum. So my number one rule for any new gym wear I buy is that they either have to be a long and loose top or a trousers that don’t act like clingfilm.

However, dressing modestly when working out is harder than just dressing modestly normally. So if you’ve got any tips on staying modest and fit, then please let me know in the comments below.

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