Who’s famous on my blog?

Almost two weeks ago, just before I headed off to church for breakfast, I almost brought a t-shirt with the slogan ‘I’m famous on my blog’. I changed my mind at the last moment, remembering that I did not start Counter-Cultural. Cultural-Couture to be famous. I started it to be a voice for other girls like me who don’t fit in with the high street and catwalks, whether that’s by faith or culture choices.

So I left it at that. Switched off my tablet and headed to church for my cooked breakfast. But of course that was not enough for God. No, instead He confirmed what I had done and gave me a reminder about why I blog. The sermon for that week was centered around the temptations of Christ during His time in the wilderness. The passage, Matthew 4 v1-11, provides some detail as to what the temptations were and how Jesus responded. The part that really reminded me that I blog to be a mouthpiece instead of a fashionista was the response. Each time Jesus counteracts Satan with the Word of God. Every time He acts as the mouthpiece of God, which protects Him from temptation.

So in a time when typing the right words and being on the right network can make a career, I’m choosing to not strive for online fame. Instead, I choose to be a mouthpiece for God and girls like me, choosing to be counter-cultural.

P.S. This doesn’t mean I’m against bloggers working with companies to mutual benefit. I’m just a little more discerning about which companies I work with… and not expectant of freebies.

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