What to wear when you need to pack most of your everyday wardrobe?

Top and Skirt: British Red Cross
Necklace and Earrings: Gift
Shoes: Next

 Today is my last day at home before I head off to the beautiful, unpredictable Lake District to start my week as a team member with Kids for Keswick. So this morning I had my annual struggle for what to wear on the last day at home as I won’t be able to pack it, obviously. You can check out my suggestions about what to take when childrenswork and camping are the plan here, here and here. But the obvious thing to avoid is anything floor length, which means my maxis are excellent for that final day of packing etc before heading off to Keswick. Admittedly, I may have worn this skirt for three days now for the very reason that it won’t be packed and it’s cool enough for this ridiculously hot heat wave we’ve had.

My top is a mint green one that matches my peridot necklace fantastically. Unfortunately it’s a bit too tight to be comfortable while doing anything remotely active, so it won’t be coming to Keswick with me. But it perfectly complements my navy skirt, creating a wonderful summer look without moving too far from my comfort zone. And the best bit… both of these items come from the British Red Cross so cost me barely anything. In fact, my shoes probably cost double alone. And that’s why I love charity shopping. You can still look wonderfully stylish without paying out your savings. It just takes a bit of patience and getting to know your local charity shops.

I love this outfit as it also showcases what I love about myself without revealing a ton of flesh.
It’s a good thing I’ve learnt to love my curves.
I also am learning to love my garden.
It might be small but when I can do such leafy shoots so easily, what’s not to love.

 You may also have noticed my new hairdo. Yes, I’ve had it all chopped off. It was in the name of charity, with the money going to Lindsey Lodge Hospice and the hair to the Little Princess Trust. If you would lille to contribute to the sponsorship, then click on my Justgiving page.

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