Being a Warrior Princess: 5 Verses about Fighting for God

Being a Warrior Princess: 5 Verses about Fighting for God

When I was at university, my housemate, Anna, and I used to discuss what it meant to be a Christian girl. We tried to take everything into account, from not swearing or getting drunk through to reading Scripture and our spiritual gifts. But not matter what we discussed, there was always one constant. We both believe God has called women and girls to be warrior princesses! 

This is no Disney princess fantasy. Nor is it a chance to run around being Xena. This claim is based on truth. A princess is the daughter of a king. A warrior is engaged in battle.

As Christian women, we are both of these. We are the daughters of the King of Kings, which technically makes us princesses. We are also caught in a spiritual battle between God and Satan, which forces us to take on the mantle of warrior. These ideas are a foundational part of being a Christian in the 21st Century.

Biblical advice on being a warrior princess

I can hear you all wondering where I’m going with this. What on earth am I going on about princesses and warriors for? Is there even any biblical foundation for this crazy theory?

Believe it or not, this crazy theory is rooted in the Bible. These five verses offer a glimpse into something of God’s design for His heirs to be warriors and how it can become a reality.

Romans 8 v17

This is the verse that confirms us as daughters (and sons) of God. In fact, Paul tells us that because we are children of God, we are His heirs. Being an heir to a king traditionally makes you a prince or, in the case of us girls, a princess. 

The incredible part of this passage is that the word “heir” has no gendered bias. However, there is a reference to “sons” in verse 15, which can lead to the conclusion that this passages refers only to men. When compared to other letters by Paul, like Galatians, “sons” becomes all-encompassing of women and men. Therefore, this passage does not make just men heirs to the King of Kings. It means that women are of equal standing in the Kingdom of Heaven.

1 Timothy 6 v12

We are called to fight. The Bible literally says so! I remember reading Secret Believers years ago and being struck by Brother Andrew referring to the “good jihad” in regards to mission in the Muslim world. He didn’t mean that we begin acting like terrorists. Instead, Brother Andrew sees this as living out the Christian life where we are, in our own back yard so to speak.

However, this fight is no less real because we can fight it by living out as Christians. We all know that each day there are temptations that can easily disrupt our Christian walk. Some days it seems that all we can do is fight them off as we try to live the life Jesus intended. Yet this is what Romans 6 v12 says. Fighting the good fight of faith is about keeping hold of the life God has intended for us. We are fighting for our lives everyday.

Exodus 17 v12

I love this verse. The image is of team work and support with a kingdom-orientated goal. One friend uses it as a guide when he’s praying over people moving to a new area. His hope is that they will find two people who will support them when they are weary.

What does this have to do with being a warrior princess? It has been said that no man is an island. Well, no warrior princess is expected to take on the world alone either. The scenario in this scene is of Moses, Aaron and Hur working together to support the Israelites in battle. Though Moses takes the lead, it is clear that he could not have achieved this without Aaron and Hur. Even when he is too tired to fight on alone, they enable him to keep going. We are exactly the same. When we get too tired, we need other Christians around us to hold up our hands so that we can keep going. Sometimes we may also be called to hold up the hands of our friends.

Acts 18 v26

Priscilla and Aquila are unsung heroes of Acts. Yet every time they are mentioned, they demonstrate many of the characteristics of Christians willing to fight the good fight. In this verse, we see them taking up the fight again through their gentle correction of Apollo. By taking him aside and explaining the way of God, Priscilla and Apollo show us how to fight to win for God.

The other aspect of this verse is that it shows this husband and wife duo as equals. Presenting them as a team reminds us that God does not place one gender above another. Priscilla even appears to be scripturally educated to the same level as Apollo. Therefore, men and women are equal before God (I’m not going to get into the ‘equal but different’ debate). So if one is an heir of God then so is the other.

Esther 4 v16

Introducing an actual princess! Esther was the reason I started reading the Bible. Her story is everything that a headstrong young girl wants to read. She goes from being an orphan to a queen and then ends the story by saving her people from death. She is even willing to risk death in order to save her people. 

The amazing thing about Esther is that the book never mentions God yet her faith is a huge factor is her courage. Just before she tells Mordecai that she is willing to die, she asks that all the Jews fast on her behalf. Considering that fasting was very much a religious affair, Esther was placing her faith in God. And if an earthly queen can place her life in the hands of God, then we as daughters of God can too.

Will you take up your crown and sword?

That is the question we have to ask. Are you willing to follow the example of Priscilla and Esther? Will you support other Christians as Hur and Aaron supported Moses? And will you accept your position as a daughter of God called to fight the good fight?

If your answer is yes, then get ready. You have declared yourself for God. The fighting will find you.


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  1. I love this article! I, too, believe we have been called warrior princesses and have a spiritual battle to fight every day. Thanks for sharing this and the verses that apply to this important topic.

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