Vintage Style, Bad Hair Days and Driving Lessons

Shirt: Vintage Market, Jeans: Dorothy Perkins,
Belt: British Red Cross, Shoes: New Look

I’ve had one of those busy-yet-not-busy days when everything seems to take twice as long as it should. (It probably doesn’t help that I’ve been watching Star Trek while blogging.) But I have managed to at least time manage myself to be able to share another outfit with you.

Today I’ve been styling my 80s top that I picked up back in May from the Cambridge Vintage Fair (read about it here) with my new skinny jeans. The jeans perfectly show my inheritance of spending two years cycling around Norwich while at university, i.e. my slightly thunderous things. Unfortunately, I’m not completely sure how to combat this issue as I’m battling muscle as much as fat so any tips will be most gratefully received. But I digress… back to the outfit.

My choice of footwear was purely related to my driving lesson. As I’m still learning, the more flexible sole of lace ups is preferable to harder ballerina soles or boots when it comes to controlling the clutch, brake and accelerator. But I suspect what I’m saying is not new to most people though. The top was once again something of a purpose-driven choice as it is ridiculously comfy and lightweight. Just what you need when you’re sat in a hot car for two hours. So it turns out that vintage styling can be practical for life. It’s not just for garden parties and high tea. I have to admit that my choice of necklace wasn’t necessarily from the same point of practicality but then again whenever is jewellery practical?

My beautiful pewter necklace: H&M

Even my hair got given a vintage twist but for a slightly worse reason. My hair was not in it’s finest state but experience has taught me that a quiff and bun will hide the worst of it. And with only a few sprays of dry shampoo necessary.

Talking of hair, don’t forget that it’s not long till I cut my hair for Lindsey Lodge Hospice. I’m currently up to 14inches being chopped off, with money going to Lindsey Lodge and the hair to the Little Princess Trust. If you would like to keep up to date or sponsor me then check out the links below. And thank you in advance!

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