CounterCultural Kitchen’s Top Five Favourite Fruit and Herbal Teas

CounterCultural Kitchen’s Top Five Favourite Fruit and Herbal Teas

Part of being British is drinking tea. It is such a huge part of drinking tea that John Agard, a genius with words, wrote ‘The Alternative Anthem’ to sing the praise of the humble kettle. 

Now, imagine a devoted tea drinker discovering neither of his daughters drink tea! Yes, my dad had to endure that terror. However, my mum quickly introduced us to other ‘kettle-powered’ hot drinks. From hot squash (yes, it’s a thing) through to hot chocolate, my sister and I have tried a whole range of drinks. 

Nowadays I’m an avid fan of tea. But not proper tea.

My tastebuds belong to fruit and herbal teas, tisanes and infusions. 

Since I was a teenager I have been trying different fruit teas. Starting with the common red berry teas (found in almost every coffee shop and cafe), my range of teas now takes up at least half a shelf. Loose leaf or bagged, herbal or fruity, berry or citrus, I’m always up for trying new flavours alongside old favourites.

My real obsession with fruit teas really began about three years ago. In that time I have changed my favourite teas so many times I’ve lost count. From when I’ve been obsessed with supporting my health through to just wanting something hot and comforting, fruit and herbal teas have been part of my life.

Because I love my teas, infusions and tisanes and I love you guys for reading my blog, I’ve finally shortlisted my current favourites. They’ll probably change again but for now here are my top 5 favourite teas!

1) Pukka Turmeric Gold

I’m not a huge fan of plain green tea. However, I am a huge fan of turmeric (just ask my flatmates)! I absolutely love the golden spice. And, I confess, I do like the idea that it boosts my immune system. Somehow, when you combine this wonder spice with green tea, you have the perfect morning tea. 

I’m not kidding. Turmeric gold wakes me up like nothing else I know. There is something in the warming spice that goes straight to my fingertips. 

2) Twinings Cranberry and Blood Orange

It was this tea that set me down the road to tea-mania! The first time I tried it, I was taken right back to the Christingle services I attended as a kid. The sharp berry-ness and the tangy orange were all the brightest flavours of winter! Even when I enjoy a warming mug today, it still has the power to transport me back to happy times and places.

Cranberry and Blood Orange is my go-to drink when I just need a hot drink to warm up. It may not have any health benefits but who cares. It’s warming and delicious and comforting. When you’ve got a deadline coming up, what else do you really need?

Fruit and Herbal Tea
3) Pukka Cleanse

Pukka’s Cleanse is a nettle, fennel and peppermint tea. It sounds strange. To be honest, I was put off it at first by the ingredients. Then I got brave. (Yes, being brave drinking tea does seem a bit stupid.)

Definitely a herbal tea, it turns out that this particular combination is brilliant for those less than healthy moments. Whether you’re bloated, eaten too much, ill or just lousy for no reason, this tea will help sort it out. I have no idea why but this tea is definitely called ‘Cleanse’ for a reason.

4) Twinings Lemon and Ginger

Who else loves citrus and spice? I’ve been a sucker for citrus fruits since I was a kid, particularly lemon. Ginger has been a development of the last two years, after starting juicing and blending. Combined as a tea, its like spicy sunshine in liquid form. 

Lemon and ginger is the perfect afternoon tea. When that afternoon slump hits, go for a citrus hit. The combination of gingery heat and sharp lemon kicks me out of my 3pm daze so that I can make the most of my afternoon. My top tip: keep a box of lemon and ginger tea stashed in your snack drawer.

5) Dr Stuarts Echinacea Plus

I adore echinacea tea! I started off with Twining’s Raspberry and Echinacea but Dr Stuart’s Echinacea Plus is a step up. It tastes fantastic, apparently is another healing herb, and just improves my mood. There is something zingy about it that brings a smile to my face. Plus the knowledge that I’m somehow staving off the inevitable cold I always come down with makes me feel a little bit smug. 

Does echinacea tea stave off the common cold? I have no idea. Do I feel healthier when I drink it? Yes. I guess it just goes to show that sometimes your state of mind can have an impact on how your body feels. Whatever the science behind it, I’ll continue enjoying a cup of Echinacea Plus.

Fruit and Herbal Teas

What are your top five fruit and herbal teas?

I’ve shared mine, now I want to know yours. What are your favourite fruit and herbal teas? Or maybe regular tea, coffee or even hot chocolate is more your style? Whatever your style, share your favourites below. 


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