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It’s been a while since I shared with you my favourite Instagram accounts for food and fashion. From Doc Martens and street food through to flamingo stilettos and clean eating, I like to think my feed is as varied as I am. However, Instagram isn’t just about inspiring with new styles and recipes. It is also about motivating me through the day to keep moving forward. There are so many amazing Christians who I follow because they do just that; I thought I would share my top five with you all.

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Dedicated to motivating her fellow Instagrammers day and night, The Daily Motivator is an amazing woman with an unending willingness to encourage people through her account. From just making me smile with her captions through to reminding us that “no grit [means] no pearl”, she is full of sound advice served with a big dose of fun. Another one who could be considered guilty of over posting (where do they find the time?), her passion for motivation is always there and is such an inspiration. Whenever I feel down and unmotivated, I can take at look at her feed to pick myself up. Of course, that’s when I realise why am I looking at Instagram instead of getting on with my own work/life/stuff. But if that’s what I’m thinking, maybe her motivational pictures are working…


I have only just discovered GirlDefined but they are already moving up my list of favourite blog/Instagram/Facebook feeds to stalk. Bethany and Kristen are full of advice, tips and scripture for Christian girls struggling with life in the 21st Century. I may not agree with everything they talk about (I struggle to accept the idea of being second to my future husband) but there Instagram feed is so full of challenges to live godly lives that it always makes me think. It would be incredibly easy to just pass over their cute quote pictures as just cute and motivational. Take some time to read them. You will come away either uplifted or challenged. Either way, I can guarantee that it will be a few minutes well spent. 


Who else struggles with the opposite gender, dating, relationships and all things associated with the word “love”? It’s a massive source of pain, hurt and general frustration to me and I need all the help I can get. #PureDatingTips is all about helping girls to focus on “Dating the right way, God’s way”. From memes referencing Hosea through to scripture quotes, #PureDatingTips is a fantastic way of focusing yourself back on purposeful dating and using your single life to honour God. I particularly love the quotes that remind you what a godly man and a godly woman look like. They might seem like impossible targets to meet but maybe that’s because we haven’t tried yet.


Christian Instagram accounts do tend to be full of quote pictures, designed to encourage and motivate as we go about our lives. Wisdomfeed is another fantastic example of just such an account. Using a combination of prayers, bible verses and motivational quotes, the aim of Wisdom Feed Ministry is to encourage the Church to move beyond its four walls through social media. They are definitely heading in the right direction; a great reminder of what God can do and why we can rely on Him. If you want a drip feed of God’s plan throughout your day, wisdomfeed is definitely the account to follow.


I have been following Olivia over at since I started taking an interest in blogging and modest fashion. Her faithful sense of dressing is a real inspiration and though my own style is quite different, her Instagram account reminds me that I’m not alone in pursuing modest fashion as part of my relationship with God. From her denim maxi skirt (I secretly want one) through to pleather and lace, she is a shining example that modest and practical do not have to be sacrificed to look modern and stylish. Even her work out gear is subject to the same rigorous rules of modesty! That is a girl who is determined to dedicate every aspect of her life to God. For me, her Instagram feed is a reminder that it is possible to dress modestly, stay stylish and still honour God with my wardrobe. Oh, and did I mention she’s running her own business? An incredible role model in the mould of Proverbs 31.
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So now I’ve stopped gushing about Fresh Modesty (can you tell I really admire Olivia?), I would love to hear who your favourite Christian Instagrammers are. Do you like your Instagram accounts to be full of motivational quotes and bible verses or do you prefer to see how other Christians are living out their lives? Let me know in the comments below.
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