The Darker Side of Breton

Top: The Original Factory Shop, Jeans: New Look

Pearls and earrings: Gift

Rafia Wedges: The Original Factory Shop

Come spring, any girl who knows an inch about fashion can be seen in navy and white stripes. Yes, the Breton stripe has returned again and even I have jumped on this particular band wagon. However, due to penchant for darker colours and tendency to stain anything white/cream, I’ve inverted the colours for white stripes on a navy background. To keep the muted colour scheme, my burgundy jeans are the natural pairing to add an edge to the outfit while pearls contrast with their ladylike qualities.

My shoes were an impulse buy, mostly because they tie in with the navy/breton vibe. But according to Look (I might have a slight operation), I brought into one of SS14’s top shoe trends by accident. Apparently, rafia heels and soles are going to be big news. I simply like the cuteness of them crossed with androgynous denim.

What do you think of my burgundy/breton mash up? How do you wear your Breton shirt?

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