#SugarFreeSeptember || Days 23 and 24

So I haven’t been able to do daily posting for a while but I am doing my best to make sure I don’t miss any more than one day at a time. And at least we are nearing the end of #SugarFreeSeptember. However, my jeans are getting somewhat loose round my middle to the extent that my belt isn’t tight enough without that uncomfortable bunching at the zip. And I can’t believe that it is primarily due to cutting out refined sugars and snacking!

So what did I have over the last two days? Breakfast 23 was protein pancakes while day 24 was a fast… so I made the pancakes and had them cold as my dessert at lunch. My lunch on both days consisted chicken salad with potato wedges and rice cakes, though today I added in carrot sticks. I think the others on the dig are still shocked at the fact that I have not had a single biscuit and only one salad throughout the two weeks. Am I allowed to feel smug about that?

Cinnamon and vanilla oaty protein pancakes (here for recipe)

In contrast, dinners 23 and 24 could not be anymore different. Yesterday I had half an hour from getting home, changing, and catching the train to Bristol for #BlogClub (more to come on that)so time to eat didn’t really factor into it. Instead I had to, I’m ashamed to say, grab a sausage roll and wedges from Bristol Temple Meads. But it did stop me snacking at #BlogClub. Today (day 24) I had a proper meal of sausages, sweet potato wedges, roasted butternut squash and green peppers. Delicious, filling and satisfied my sweet cravings like nothing else. Plus I didn’t even feel like snacking at bible study, even with vegetable crisps sat right in front of me. Don’t get me wrong, I considered it but I didn’t want any. I think I’ve managed to shock myself.

Anyway, that’s my #SugarFreeSeptember diaries up to date. Has anyone else been joining in? Let me know how you’ve found it and what you’ve been eating. Always up for a recipe swap.

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