#SugarFreeSeptember || Day 3

So today has been most definitely more successful. I’ve definitely been much more sugar free than normal and I am even considering getting up earlier in order to have a bigger breakfast. Berries, banana and yogurt doesn’t last 5-6 hours even with a protein shake. Anyway, here’s my breakdown for the day.


The same as yesterday, I started off my day with berries, banana, soya yogurt toasted oats and a vanilla protein almond milkshake (phew, that’s a mouthful). As tasty as it is, the video for yesterday that Rachel shared has been weighing on my mind and I’m beginning to think that a protein based lunch-style breakfast might be more sensible. It might mean taking 1 1/2- 2 hours to get ready rather than my normal 1 but looking after my physical health is as important as my walk with Christ. So if I can get up at 6.15am for my Bible, then 6am will hopefully be doable for a decent breakfast.

This was followed by a cup of camomile tea once I got to work. You’ve got to fortify with hot drinks when you’re working outside all day.


I have been really good at eating all my food in one break rather than spreading it over two or three but it’s so hard! Fortunately, having a mug of tea on my first break normally helps and I can’t recommend Pukka or Twinings teas enough. They’re great for removing cravings and helping you to survive at least another hour until lunch.

My lunch itself was immense, if somewhat similar to my normal fare. Rice cakes smeared in homemade houmous (recipe here), celery and carrot sticks, chicken salad with paprika oil and an apple really filled a hole and was incredibly satisfying. However, I’m aware that I don’t have much protein in it (hence my addition of houmous) so shall be looking at lentil salads and adding beans into the mix somehow. But the main thing is that I wasn’t hungry or tempted when walking around Waitrose at half five, so I call that success!


My wonderful sister cooked us bolognaise sauce from scratch with beef stock, tomatoes, beef mince, onions and loads of herbs. As Mum is gluten-free and Steff basically is for other reasons, we had GF pasta, which probably is no bad thing. It tasted delicious and I purposely put less pasta on to boil so that I could not pig out on the stuff like normal. (Oh how I miss diving into a big bowl of steaming hot pasta and sauce.) Unfortunately I completely forgot to take any pictures of it so I can’t share the deliciousness with you visually. You’ll just have to take my word that it was delicious.


I did fall down however, at our small group bible study, as I munched on cucumber and peppers before realising it was technically snacking. One of those bad habits I need to crush. But at least I didn’t touch the lemon muffins (smug face) as I would have kept going from there on the sugar. I’m now home, as you might have guessed from my blogging, with a cup of hot water and lemon. It might not be the same but I feel a whole lot better after drinking it.

So that’s been my day 3 in #SugarFreeSeptember. Top tip: keep bottles of water and cups of tea handy. They’re the secret weapon in fending off cravings and hunger pangs.

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