My Style Evolution || Jeans and Knits to Maxi Skirts and Crop Tops

My Style Evolution || Jeans and Knits to Maxi Skirts and Crop Tops

Believe it or not, a year ago I was settling into life as a postgraduate student in Sheffield. Now I’m back home returning to the 9-5 life, figuring out how I fit in. Well, more truthfully, I’m realising I’ve changed more than I realised. Going back to your old work place can definitely cause you to get reflective. The crazy thing is that the part of me that has changed the most is my style. If I may be so bold, I’d say that I’ve been through something of a style evolution.

Jumpers and Jeans - Pre Sheffield Style Evolution

Style Evolution? What?

Well, evolution can be defined as the gradual development of something. So that leads to the question of “Did my style develop while I was living in Sheffield?”

Going back to being a student was in many ways a style regression. It didn’t take very long for me to be back wearing jeans and t-shirts. Something of a contrast to my skirts and blouses in the office. Not a far cry from the jumpers and denim I lived in during my undergrad years. After all, jeans are the student staple. Comfortable, hard wearing and always in fashion in one way or another. 

So what was the difference this time? This time, I wasn’t just chucking on jeans and a jumper because they’re comfortable. Okay, at the beginning it was about comfort. Only I still wanted to “be me” (yes, I know how cheesy that sounds). Thus began my style evolution. A way of infusing a little bit of me into my daily wardrobe.

Style Evolution Essentials

Every wardrobe has it’s essentials. Mine used to be black versions of everything, tights, jeans, midi skirts, longline tops and knitted jumpers. What about a year after university?

Now my essentials look a little bit different. The black versions of everything is still in there. So are the jeans though I’m a zillion times fussier now. Then there are the swaps and additions over the past year. Longline tops have been swapped for crop tops and bamboo tops, depending on their need. Maxi skirts have become as essential as midi skirts. Knitted jumpers have become baggy or been replaced by cardigans and fitted hoodies.

Modest, ethical, and feminine have become my buzz words, with comfort moving down the list but not by far. I look back and I’m still shocked by how my wardrobe has evolved. I love the swishy feeling of maxi skirts and flip flops. Equally amazing is the feeling of femininity and security with a lace crop top paired with a low cut t-shirt. And when you feel as good as those clothes make me feel, you stand taller and more confident in yourself.

As a girl who loves her flip flops, I can tell you that wearing the shoes you love will make you feel amazing… even when they’re just a pair of flip flops.

University Wardrobe Essentials

Evolving Style Means Evolving Confidence

The thing about style evolution is that it mirrors confidence in your personality. More confident you are in who you are, the more your style will evolve to tell the world who you are. Your own brand, if you like. I see it as I look back on previous posts in the last three years of blogging. As an inexperienced blogger with little confidence in her own abilities, my outfit posts followed trends and what I thought was popular. Nowadays I’m more interested in writing posts that reflect my style and what it says about who I am.

As I’ve accepted my femininity and who it makes me, I’ve evolved my style to reflect it. Yes, I’ve included skirts and dresses but not in pastels. I’ve chosen black and navy and green because that is my style. Exploring modesty has led to me adapting my wardrobe to reflect the values I found in the Bible. Lace crop tops under t-shirts and not wearing short skirts without tights has become the norm for me as a result. Even an interest in ethical consumerism has found it’s way into my wardrobe. Although so far that only amounts to three bamboo t-shirts and suspicion of all jeans under £60.

Reflecting on my style evolution (the more I say that, the more conceited it sounds) has made me realise how much I’ve changed. Since I moved to Sheffield, and then moved back, my style has become more assured and defined. In exactly the same way, I’ve become more assured and determined in who I am. No one is stopping me from being who I was made to be and my style is one way of shouting it to the world. 

That means dressing modestly, ethically and with femininity in a way that is 100% me. 

My question for you, is where has your style evolution taken you? What are the values that have created your style? Are you brave enough to let your style evolve to show the world who you really are? 


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