It’s the Start of Something New…

It’s the Start of Something New…

Raise your hands if you’re part of the weird generation that straddled the Noughties and Nineties. Like, you can remember the last time crop tops and scrunchies were on trend but you were also just young enough to get excited over High School Musical. Yep, that’s me! No shame here. 

So, in homage to Troy and Gabriella’s enduring romance, I’m titling this post after their first song together. Unfortunately, my “Something New” isn’t a new relationship. (Who’s got time for that?!) Nope, it’s all about starting my new project for 2018.

Because everyone loves a new project…

Yes, you heard it here first. I’m going to be starting a new project in 2018. Well, I say new project but really it is more of a continuation in a different form. I’m still going to be writing and sharing about this crazy adventure called life that God has taken me on. Inspired by John 10v10, this new online space has been brewing over the last year and a half as CC.CC. has grown beyond my wildest beliefs. 

… But nobody likes to say goodbye

Unfortunately, launching a new project means that I’m going to have to close down something else. There is only so much that this one girl can do. Keeping two passion projects running is more than I can handle. This means that CC.CC. is closing down. In fact, this post is going to be the last post to appear on CounterCultural. CounterCouture.

It has been an amazing four years. I have never known anything quite like running a fashion and lifestyle blog. From discovering Bristol Fashion Week and Blog Club through to writing about feminism and faith, I have pushed myself in ways I didn’t realise were possible. It is blogging that has made me question and define what I truly believe. It is social media that has pushed me out socially and physically. I have met my wonderful blogging buddies through Facebook groups and explored my hometown in order to find photoshoot locations. I’ve even featured my best friends on several different posts. 

However, when I first started CC.CC. it was only meant to be a blog about modest fashion and how to style it. Yet within less than a year, I was writing about food and faith too. And those topics keep expanding. From menstruation to mission, sustainability to skincare, there is so much more that Christian women need to be exploring. After all, a full life is a holistic one where everything is taken into account as part of the whole.

It is this constant expansion of topics that has forced me to reconsider who I am as a blogger and what my blog is really about. From modest fashion blogger to Christian lifestyle blogger, it’s been as total a transformation as possible while remaining as CounterCultural. CounterCouture. That means that really there is only one thing left to do. To say goodbye to CounterCultural. CounterCouture. and finish the transformation.

Introducing Finding Chaya

So first of all, I need to make a disclaimer. I haven’t actually bought the domain I really want so the name may change. But so long as everything goes according to plan…

2018 will see the launch of a new blog. Aimed at answering the question of what does a “full life” look like, it will be an online space for those who want to really explore what the Bible says about living. All those awkward topics that aren’t discussed in church services. Figuring out what it looks like to be a biblical wonder women whether you’re single or in a relationship. Exploring what God’s perspective on food and fitness really is. Walking the modesty tightrope between style and frumpiness. Going so far as exploring how sustainability and Christianity really do complement each other. 

Finding Chaya will not just be another Christian blog. It’s also not going to touch on topics such as sex, which I think we can all agree is already covered enough across the blogosphere. (For two different Christian views, check out GirlDefined and Beautiful Kingdom Warriors.)

Instead, will only be the start of a community of women who want a full life. A life that is unique… and weird… and holistic… and stylish… and full of everything Jesus intends for us to have.

Building the Finding Chaya Community

A community can’t just revolve around one person. Otherwise that person becomes a dictator, shouting down from their digital soapbox. I’m sure we can all think of people off and online who could fall into such a category. 

To make sure Finding Chaya is not a digital soapbox to amplify one person’s opinions, I want us to build our community together. So far, I have come up with four different ways for you to get involved.

  1. Pray for Finding Chaya as we build both the new blog and the community around it. Whether it is for the people and resources needed to make it a reality or just that we don’t go crazy with the waiting, prayer is the foundation of Finding Chaya. With prayer, anything could happen!
  2. Sign up for the newsletter. Here you’ll find out all the latest news about and be invited to the official launch online. Plus, you become an official part of the Finding Chaya community!
  3. Use your writing, photography, and any other skills as part of the Finding Chaya team. From how you style your favourite jeans through to how you do mission in your community, Finding Chaya wants to know how you live a full life. You can use recordings, videos, writing or photography. Then send it in to us to share on!
  4. Join the Finding Chaya Crowdfunding Campaign. Unfortunately, running a digital community doesn’t come cheap. To counter this, those who believe in Finding Chaya have the opportunity to support the first steps of our fledgling community. In exchange, you’ll be able to pick a freebie. As soon as the crowdfunding campaign is open, it will be launched over the newsletter. Together we will make Finding Chaya a real community!

Au Revoir!

Not many people know that “au revoir” literally translates as “until next time”. So while this is goodbye from CounterCultural. CounterCouture. it isn’t from me or the focus behind it. 

2018 is coming! And with that, I shall see you again. I can’t wait to introduce Finding Chaya to you all. Let’s figure out what it means to live a full life together!


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