Springtime Dressing || Embracing My Femininity*

Springtime Dressing || Embracing My Femininity*

I’ve posted in the past about how my style has changed over the years (An expression of selfStyle evolutionA desperate exhibitionistStepping out of my comfort zone). One of the most notable changes has been how much I’ve embraced my femininity. As in I not only wear skirts now but I choose to style them in ways that I would distinctly have referred to as “girly” in the past, with all the negativity that term can bring up. So I want to take a moment to explain why I’ve come around to embracing my femininity when I spent most of my life trying to avoid skirts, dresses and anything similar.

Before I start on my explanation, I want to give a shout out to Anyxcuse for taking the photos in this post. This was my first “proper” photo shoot for the blog and was a real learning curve. I couldn’t have done it without Olive and her patience in dealing with a total amateur combined with a busy but wet Sheffield city centre. 

Anyxcuse Shoot - Breton skirt, aqua top, navy cardigan, camel flats

Back to why I’m choosing to embrace femininity. When I talk about femininity, I’m not talking about pinks and purples or fluffy/glittery clothes. I’m talking about clothes that make you feel like a woman (rendition of “Man! I feel like a woman” has started in my head) from the moment you put them on. Yep, it’s all about you and what makes you feel like a woman! 

For me, this began with learning to love my pear-shaped body. I could be an hourglass but that requires no cake, chocolate, crisps and even limiting my hummus and halloumi cravings. That just takes all the fun out of life. Loving your body means that you want to showcase it in the best possible way. This doesn’t mean getting all sexy and showing lots of flesh to the world (not really my style). What it means is wearing clothes that emphasise the best bits about you, not clothes that shout about themselves. 

Loving my big behind and “whole size smaller” waist meant that I no longer thought I was fat. In turn, it meant that I no longer felt the need to hide myself in oversized jumpers and force myself into jeans that didn’t really fit but were on trend. My eyes were opened to a whole new world of possibilities as I discovered new shapes and fits for my gorgeous pear-shape.

Anyxcuse - Breton skirt and aqua top

One of the first things I realised is that pear-shapes are made for skirts. Yes, there are jeans and trousers out there that suit pear-shapes (thank you skinny flares!) but skirts are a whole other world. From A-line through to skater, skirts have this amazing ability to fit around the waist and hips. It wasn’t about hiding my bumps and unwanted curves. It was about embracing something within that wanted to get out and enjoy the world.

The difference was that loving my body and wearing skirts meant I could feel happy being a woman. I wasn’t girly and therefore weak/innocent/stupid/unwanted as I had often felt before when trying to fit into that mould. I wasn’t forcing myself to be a tomboy in an attempt to fit in with people who’s respect I wanted. Instead I could be me…

Anyxcuse - Embracing Femninity
Me meant being an individual. Me meant loving my body by eating, exercising and dressing with care. Me meant knowing I had been created female and that no one could take that away. Me meant knowing black and navy were just as feminine as pastels and florals.

Can You Embrace Your Femininity?

My hope with this post is to reach the girl I was 10 years ago. It took me a decade to discover my femininity. I don’t want it to take another girl a decade too. 

Being feminine doesn’t mean dressing in pink. It doesn’t even mean wearing skirts and dresses. It means dressing in a way that allows you to be the woman you were created to be. If dressing in a well tailored trouser suit allows you to feel like the best version of you, then go for it. If mixing up your silhouettes with something oversized has you feeling stylish and confident, rock it. If wearing Doc Martens with a skirt is your favourite look, go for it. If your levels of confidence soar in jeans and trainers, we won’t stop you.

Find the clothes that makes your inner woman sing. Then…

Get Up. Dress Up. Show Up. Don’t Give Up.

Anyxcuse - Camel Butterfly Shoes

Style notes || Skirt: Oasis (similar here) || Top: Amazon (similar here) || Shoes: Strolling 4 Shoes (similar here) || Necklace: Gift


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