Spring Has Sprung

Double denim and bamboo t-shirt

How was everyone’s Easter weekend? I was thrilled to see that CounterCultural. CounterCouture did not get a single hit on Resurrection Sunday, according to Blogger. I hope it means that you were all have a fantastic time, whether that was at church, with family or just chilling. We had a quiet time, attending a great celebration at my parents’ church before enjoying slow cooked lamb. Then I ended up spending the afternoon ironing… maybe not an ideal bank holiday activity but it did return my ‘The Word Is…’ top and black flares to my wardrobe.

Easter Monday was a gorgeous day. Even better, it was warm enough to do away with the winter coat and my trusty scarf. Instead, I donned my denim jacket (oh how I missed it during the #6ItemsChallenge) and doubled up the denim with my black Oasis flares. I felt so retro and probably stood out like a sore thumb but I can’t help my love of denim. In fact I love it so much that I bought a denim dress off ASOS Marketplace but that’s for another day. I also upped the Springtime vibes with my grass green top from The Word Is, adding just the right amount of ‘pop’ to my normally dark wardrobe.  I love that the bamboo material makes it so easy and light to wear, whilst the shape is perfectly balanced by the modest neckline.

What was your favourite part of the Easter weekend? My sister took these photos while we were fooling around with friends at the Easter cream tea. It was just so sunny how could we not have a photo session! How about you? What did the spring sunshine bring out in you? Let me know in the comments below.

Style notes|| Top: The Word Is || Jeans: British Red Cross || Jacket: Wessex MS Therapy || Shoes: Next || Necklace: Gift


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