Size doesn’t matter… but great accessories do!

As is becoming more and more the norm in my wardrobe, a large proportion of today’s outfit comes from charity shops. Featuring purchases from both the British Red Cross (tunic, belt and necklace) and Wiltshire Mencap (my cherokee denim jacket), this is one of the warmest ensembles I’ve created in a while that also maintained something of my figure. In other words, I didn’t turn into the michelin man (or should I say woman?).

So would you be surprised if I were to say that the tunic was at least a size, possibly two, bigger than I normally wear. As a fluctuating size 12/14, I have traditionally steered clear of size 16 in order to maintain my self image. But one thing I have learnt working in a charity shop is that when you see something you like, try it on regardless of the size. Some things you can’t remedy, such as if it’s too small, but others can be remedied with the right accessories or a needle and thread. In the case of my tunic, I chose to cinch it in with a leather belt I had brought a few weeks before.

I took my love of accessorising further with this outfit. I went for a sleek but simple hair twist secured with a crocodile style clip. I was really happy with the clean look it created and how comfy it was. The scarf was a whole other issue, and necessary for the tunic. Due to the dodgy skin gene passed down through my mum’s family (I fortunately missed the actual eczema) I find wooly materials slightly itchy. But thanks to sneaky layering and this gorgeous scarf I was able to both protect myself and introduce a bit of fun. The necklace was a bit of fun too, just to add a bit of quirky glitz.

One final question: what’s your opinion on wearing leggings? Personally, I think that where leggings are involved, bottom covering should be too. Girls who wear normal length tops with leggings may feel comfy but do they realise that people can see the outline of their behind? But what do you think? As a Christian, for me it’s about being respectful to other people and not presenting the wrong message in my daily life. 

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