Shoot: The Word Is…

A modern take on 50s hourglass silhouette.
Bamboo t-shirt was really comfy and loose without being unfitted.
An androgynous spin, pairing a t-shirt with city shorts and a trilby.
Heavy cotton t-shirt was a bit warm but a good fit.
Easily knotted, the bamboo t-shirts are fantastic for summery or beach days.
Nice, clean silhouette as the cotton shirt stays tucked in.
A novelty nowadays!
Earlier today I revealed a new company I hope to be working with in the future to all you lovely people. I also told you all that a shoot of The Word Is‘s t-shirts would be appearing. Well, here you are. I was lucky enough to be given two t-shirts to keep of my own choice, in return for styling them up for a blog post. 
As a big fan of all things green, I kept things spring fresh with this grassy coloured t-shirt and white logo. Paired with a tonal necklace and contrasting skater skirt, the white lines bringing it together, I kept it simple and fuss-free. Being of the curvy persuasion, the crew neck isn’t the most flattering but paired with a skirt to nip in at the waist, or knotted at the waist, allows me to feel feminine instead of blobby.
The navy and yellow choice is in homage to my university days, as they were my university colours. For a complete style contrast, I paired them with beige and navy for something slightly more sophisticated. I felt the sophisticated edge nicely contrasted with the superhero motif, adding a city feel to the outfit. Admittedly, the cotton is heavy and warm but that also makes it durable so a great choice for an active lifestyle. 
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

You see, at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly. 

Helen’s slogans are also pretty special, as well as tying in with the current slogan trend. I chose these ones because I liked the simplicity of ‘The Word Is’ and a geek like me could not refuse ‘Jesus is my Superhero’. But each slogan is also tied in with a verse from Scripture. This allows the slogans to be used as conversation starters, allowing an introduction of Scripture. So not only are these tops comfy, durable and on trend for slogans, but they’re also an evangelistic tool. Well done Helen, that’s a hat-trick plus one!

Style notes
Green t-shirt/The Word Is: Tie-dye Skirt (New Look), Necklace (British Red Cross), Shoes (Next)
Navy t-shirt/ Jesus is my Superhero: Shorts and Necklace (British Red Cross), Belt (Marks and Spencer), Trilby Hat (Bay Trading)

Check out for more t-shirts, hoodies, prints and cards. 

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