Seasonal trends: AW14 or SS15?

It is most definitely autumn now. The chunky knits are out of storage, plaid and tartan are back in the window displays and the crisp leaves are being dampened by drizzle. In fashion terminology, AW2014 is well and truly underway. Yet, in the midst of the new season trends for autumn and winter, all the plaid and faux fur, the glossies are already encouraging us to start stocking up for SS15. Why? Because the SS15 catwalks have been and gone, revealing the trends for spring and summer next year. And with the aim of being trendsetters, fashion magazines are encouraging us to seek out those trends already.

Currently craving some plaid for my wardrobe.
This New Look tunic shows the trend all grown up.
This all leads me to ask a series of questions. Do we stick to the current seasonal trends? Do we stick to what’s on the catwalk? Do we (shock horror) ignore trends all together? 
Okay, I have to confess that I do follow the trends, otherwise I wouldn’t be craving this plaid tunic from New Look (here). And I’ve been keeping up with SS15 through La Petite Anglaisfashion week diaries. But don’t take that to mean I’m encouraging High Street clones. Charity shops populate my local high street and are great for picking up one-offs, whether they’re on trend or not.
House of Holland SS15
I love the burgundy jacket.
But the question of which trends do you follow does also come down to a degree of practicality. After all, would you seriously wear a faux fur gillet in the midst of summer? And would you wear long, floaty maxi skirts when the forecast is for days of rain and wind? So the trends are partially shaped by practicalities. And that is something we can’t avoid. Come AW any year and people will be pulling out boots of some kind. SS and you’ll see sun hats and beach wear. To my mind, these practicality limitations would make it silly to jump ahead and dress for summer when snow is more likely.
What’s the other side of the argument then? Why skip ahead? I can imagine living in areas with easy access to the trends, being on trend doesn’t mean you stand out if you’re playing to by season. Skipping ahead and adding in hints of what’s to coming can give your style that edge to make you a trendsetter. Living out in the middle of ruraldom, I have it lucky as the trends take so long to permeate down that the chances of seeing a blanket scarf or (non-beanie/snapback) hat on anyone else is slim. But where the trends are more noticeable on the street, skipping ahead gives you the edge.
There is one other way to stand out on the street but it is an art. Ignore the trends, at least in part. It’s not something you expect to hear from a fashion blogger but it is the only way to carve out an identity through clothes. This is my personal take on clothes. I might start with the trends, choosing the ones I like and using them as a starting point. Take inspiration from other styles, from rockabilly and the gothic through to vintage or even hip hop. I would say that you might even have a bit more fun.
If you’re looking for any ideas about how to make the trends work for you, check out some of my previous posts. From suggestions for sourcing gothic and rockabilly fashions to being inspired by street dance films, I like to think I’ve bent the trends. 
It started with a look… from November 2013
So, what do you think? Will you be sticking with AW14 or skipping ahead to SS15? Or will you be ditching the trends altogether? 

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