Night of Prayer || Revival is Coming but Rest First

Almost 2 hours ago, we finished a half night of prayer at church. On a Wednesday evening, over a hundred people gathered together to pray to God for ourselves, our church and our city. Mick started with some verses from 1 Thessalonians:

“Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

The heart, guts and soul of STC is revival. We want to see our city revitalised with an energy that can only be born out of the Holy Spirit. It was a blessing to see so many people pouring out their entire being in their desperate urgency to see God move. 

For me, it was different. I still poured out all I could. I was shocked by how much I had to pour out. Yet this voice kept saying to me:

“Take some rest… leave the frontline for a while. It’s your turn to take some R’n’R…”


I believe in fighting the good fight.

I believe that every woman and man has their role to play in God’s war against Satan and sin.

I believe in it so much that I was looking for battles to get involved with…

The result of this was that I haven’t given myself time to recuperate. If I’m not out fighting for God, then I’m studying for my degree. When I’m not studying, I’m exercising. If I’m not studying, exercising or fighting, then I’m blogging. Or maybe socialising. Possibly Netflix binging. Occasionally sleeping.

But amongst it all, I haven’t been doing a lot resting in God. Even the “Christian books” I have been reading have been to prepare me for the fight. To make me a stronger warrior princess.

Over the last week or so, this has been changing. First I started reading A New Name by Emma Scrivener and recognising myself in her self-portrait. Then I started to lose motivation for a degree and a hobby I love. Finally tonight I accepted defeat.

I cannot do everything. In fact, there is nothing I can do that God could not do better without me. Despite this, He chooses to work through me to build His kingdom here. But being a kingdom builder comes with a cost. You must know when it is time to put down your tools and weapons to rest in God’s presence, To just allow Him to nourish and embrace you.

For me, now is the time to lay down my sword and shield. To allow God’s Word to heal the wounds I am suffering from. 

What about you? Are you in a time of rest or are you being called to the frontline? Because revival will not happen without balance between the two.


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