Review || How Vision Words Can Inspire Your Day

Review || How Vision Words Can Inspire Your Day

One of the fantastic things about being a blogger is the chance to test out and review products before they hit the mainstream. It’s a real honour and privilege that small business owners trust me to test out and review products they’ve poured their soul into.

One of the other things I’ve come to love is inspirational quotes. I LOVE a good inspirational quote. They’re on my lock screen, my phone case, my wall, my notebook, my windowsill… pretty much everywhere I can put them. I even have dreams about inspirational quote decal stickers when I can finally (in the far off future) call myself a homeowner.

So when Martha from Vision Words asked me to review her inspirational post-its, I could not say no. After all, they’re decal sticker equivalent for those of us living in less-than-permanent accommodation, making them perfect for my student room. Before I knew it, they were winging their way across the Atlantic (Vision Words is based in New York City) to me.

I may have been ridiculously excited about this and done some very amateur unpacking videos when they arrived. Fortunately, they were on Instagram Stories and have since disappeared 😛

What are Vision Words?

Sticky notes to get you through the day!

That, in seven words, is what Vision Words are. From laptops to full length mirrors, they will quite literally stick to anything.

I’ve had one stuck to my laptop for nearly a month and it still hasn’t come off. It’s being creased by my arm while typing but it’s still stuck on. A daily reminder that I do not need to be afraid because my God is with me wherever I go. 

Review || How Vision Words Can Inspire Your Day
It’s been a tough couple of days, including a lot of doubt over my degree. But today that changes and I choose to remember that my Lord is with me always. [@Katy_Couture]
Review || How Vision Words Can Inspire Your Day
I’ve also stuck a motivational quote on my mirror to remind me that I need to moving towards my goals everyday. It keeps me focused on my blogging, studying and working out. Putting one foot in front of the next one and keep moving forward.

Okay, sometimes its more tiring than motivational. It’s for those days that I have stuck “Start Each Day with Gratitude” over my alarm clock. Because somedays you need the reminder that its a choice to live with gratitude rather than moaning constantly.

Review || How Vision Words Can Inspire Your Day
Bright and sunny colours to get your day started! Sometimes before you’ve even slept…

Temporary or Permanent?

I guess the great thing about Vision Words is that they can be either. However, I’m doing my best to turn a green leaf and be more responsible about the environment. (You can expect more green posts to come.) So I’m treating the Vision Words I put up as a permanent addition to my ever-growing wall montage of motivational quotes, ideas and various plans. 

By treating them as temporary, I’m also making sure that I only use them when I really need them. After all, if its going up for the foreseeable future, then I want to make sure it fits with what I need right then and what I’m going to benefit from in the future. Always looking forward, right?!

Add Colour to Your Motivation

Vision Words come as plain white notes with black text and a border. Sounds a little boring?

Not if you’re willing to spend 2 minutes to add a bit of the colour of your choice. Whether its to inspire a mood or to remind of yourself of a particular event, adding colour to the notes definitely adds a little to your life. One sticky note, Hebrews 11v1, now has a red and purple border because of an episode of Once Upon A Time that reminded me of the verse. Whenever I look at it now, I’m reminded of Henry’s faith in his mums (it’s not how it sounds, promise!). Somehow it reminds me to always have faith in Christ no matter how dire the circumstance are.

Review || How Vision Words Can Inspire Your Day
Last night I was watching #onceuponatime while feeling sorry for my ill self. This was quickly forgotten when Henry started talking about belief. It reminded me so strongly of #Hebrews11 that when I saw this in my Scriptures of Faith from @vision_words that I had to share it. I may have coloured it purple and red in honour of Emma and Regina though. [@Katy_Couture]

Inspiration for Everyday

Basically, if you are looking for a way to add a little inspiration into your everyday, check out Vision Words. Not only are they super sticky and you can colour them in but they really are motivating. 

If you’re like some of my friends, you might find motivational quotes a bit cheesy or overdone. I swear that Vision Words was made for you too. They’re simple, easy and can be changed whenever you like. 

Like I said, inspiration for everyday


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