Resolutions 2015: One Month On

So we are now one month into 2015 and I’m sure many resolutions are falling by the wayside. In an attempt to stop my resolutions joining so many others in the gutter, I thought I would do a quick update on how I’m doing.

  1. Get down to being 10.7 stone.
    • This one has been something of a disaster so far. On top of my Christmas weight gain, I have gained rather than lost more weight. Consequently I have felt increasingly tired, sluggish and generally unhealthy. My aim is still to cut down on sugar, to the extent that I cut out most/all artificial sugar, and to increase the level of exercise I’m doing. To help with this, along with all the tips I get from Rachel Holmes at KSFLUK, I have signed up to Slimming World Online along with Mum. She’s done it before so she knows it works for weight loss. I’m yet to be convinced about the holistic benefits of Slimming World but I’m willing to give it a shot.
  2. Complete the 2015 book challenge.
    • So far I have ticked off one book on this, which was Avalon by Stephen Lawhead. It happily ticked a box with a book that I had never read by an author I love. One down, way too many left to go!
  3. Read the Simarillion by Tolkein.
    • This one probably explains why I have only ticked one book of my list so far. It might be long and a bit dense but Tolkein was such a gifted author. I adore the descriptions and how it feels like mythology as old as time. Unfortunately, it does mean my blog and magazine reading habits are suffering a little. Can I call this a sacrifice in favour of art?
  4. Visit Scotland.
    • Well, I’ve made it to Sheffield over the weekend so I’m halfway there. In regards to travel, I have not been exactly proactive. I’ve been dreaming and thinking about it but not necessarily planning any trips. This month, I intend to change that and plan a trip to Scotland to visit Robbie and explore the Highlands.
  5. Visit a new European country on the continent.
    • See above for my absolute disaster of planning any trips. I am dreaming of days in Belgium and San Francisco (I know it’s not an European city) so I need to get my act together. First thing, anyone want to be my travelling buddy?
  6. Write more posts on modest fashion.
    • I have started a post series called CounterCouture: Modest Style, complete with its own hashtag (#CCModestStyle). So I think that means at least one of my resolutions can be ticked as well underway. I would love to know your opinions on it and want you want to see in the series. Let me know in the comments below.
  7. Watch more historical programmes.
    • WOLF HALL!!! Need I say anymore? Anyone who knows me well should know I have a thing for Thomas Cromwell, so a six-part drama based on an award winning book based on his life would win me over. I’ve also watched a programme on the Incas and on Anne Boleyn. Best of all, this historical programme working has stirred in me a desire to go back to university. A full-time Masters thanks to David Cameron’s generous £10,000 loan from 2016 onwards… I think I’ll take him up on that.

So far I seem to be doing okay on meeting my smaller resolutions. However, the bigger lifechanging or expensive resolutions have eluded me so far. Hopefully I’m going to change that this month. How about you? Let me know how your resolutions are going one month into 2015.

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