One Winter Day…

One-point colour panorama of the path I rambled along. It wasn’t really this grey!

So last Friday I mentioned I had taken my photos whilst out on a ramble enjoying the little bit of sunshine that January had given  us. As I was using my new camera, I went slightly crazy on the snap-happy front. So here is the result of my hour or so in the Wiltshire countryside. Enjoy and let me know how I can improve. 

Tiny little stream but it’s so calming for some reason.

The public school rugby pitch… I just liked the greeness of it despite it being January!

And five minutes later I’m out of town and in the countryside(ish)
Used one-point colour mode to capture how green everything was
My second one-point colour experiment… and you can see the cloud outline!
And more landscapes…

This is of a local Iron Age fort (we think). Hopefully going to climb/walk it with my friend soon.
Photos will follow

Of course I had to take a selfie with my (by then empty) UEA KeepCup!
I need my fruit tea to steel against the cold.

And then I turned back. Chelsea boots aren’t quite up to that level of mud.

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