Off-Duty Bloggers

So what do bloggers wear when they’re not blogging?
Hat: Present
Scarf: La Redoute
Top: New Look
Cardigan: Primark
Jeans and Bag: British Red Cross

So when a blogger isn’t blogging- cup of tea in hand- or doing something related to their blog, what do they do? And in the case of fashion bloggers, what do they wear? Believe it or not, bloggers are ordinary people who do ordinary things. For example, today I did the shop to make sure I had lunches for work and put together my new coat/hat stand (post to come). I even helped my petite mother with cleaning parts of the bathroom she couldn’t reach. We even went for our free coffee at Waitrose- latte this time as Lent means no mochas for me 🙁

So bloggers do ordinary things. Is the same true of their wardrobes? In my case, it definitely is. I definitely say I have a casual ‘uniform’ that I can pull on for any day. Consisting primarily of jeans, vest top, knitted jumper/cardigan and easy-wear shoes, it fits with whatever my plans are. Slip on a necklace, earrings, scarf and jacket to finish the look and off I go. On this occasion I’ve grabbed my go-with-everything pashmina, multi-coloured beret (to hide my ‘needs-a-wash’ hair) and my new pocket-watch necklace (also post to come). Easy, casual and so so comfortable, I do love my ‘style uniform’. 

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