October Praise Post

It’s the begining of a new month.  I’ve begun to notice a trend on various blogs I read for posts celebrating various events, people and happenings over the month before. I love this idea as a way of encouraging myself to look back on the good that has happened. (Anything to help with those positive feelings.) It also strikes me as a great way to share how God has blessed me, whether through the obvious or the subtle, with you. So here goes my very first Praise Post…
  1. I went to London for Company Magazine’s Bloggers Style the High Street. I also used it as an excuse to meet up with my university friend James, who took me for lunch in Somerset House. I may have slightly geeked out, in the most fashion blogger way, about this fact.
  2. At the end of October was the town carnival. As my parents don’t really do carnival and it’s hard to escape the noise, we went off to the theatre. We saw Separate Tables, which was a fantastic examination of modern morals set in a 1950s Bournemouth hotel.
  3. Mum has knitted me a scarf from incredibly bobbly wool. It’s so fluffy and perfect for wrapping round me when I get cold whilst working on the computer. (Yes, my house is that cold.)
  4. Frome Wholefoods! Thanks to this little shop, I now have coconut oil to test out and have found a wide range of Naked Bars. Thanks to Lily Doughball, my eyes have been opened to these gorgeous bars of health.
  5. I had my hair cut by Lorraine at Eclipse. I’m gaining something of a reputation for my stark change from long blonde/brown hair to short and red. I love asymmetric it is now.
  6. I’ve joined the local gym in an attempt to lose more weight and toning up a little bit more. I actually find I’m enjoying getting sweaty and the feeling of accomplishment afterwards.
  7. I made these cinnamon and chocolate cupcakes for family and friends. One of the best combinations ever for flavour. Even better, they were gluten free!
  8. 70% dark chocolate bar from Morrisons, for less than 50p. Better for you than a mars bar and cheaper. Win win!
  9. I had a cheeky caramel white hot chocolate from Coffee #1 after work. A real treat after one of the first cold days, when I had been working outdoors.
  10. My outfit from the October Frome Independent. Mum and I love the market and there is so much to the town. I’m going to have an exciting announcement to do with the market soon, so watch out!
  11. The queue for Bloggers Style the High Street. It was an interesting night and one that I enjoyed but I think I’ve grown out of the high street. More on that to come later.
  12. While out at the theatre, Mum spotted this moules pots in one of the shops in Salisbury. We both immediately remembered Lille and the piles of mussels we ate. I’m so grateful for the time I spent with Mum back in September. We’re already thinking where we could go next, while Steph and I are planning a trip to Belgium.
  13. My messy bedroom seems a strange thing to praise God for. However, I found cleaning it to be such a therapeutic time that I felt tonnes better and more positive. All good things to praise God for.
  14. All Hallows’ Day. Okay, technically this in 1 November but I want to include it here as an alternative to Halloween. 1 November is All Saints’ Day and for me a day that should be used to remember those who came before us in the Church. My Instagram picture, however, was my way of standing against the influx of Halloween photos I didn’t want to see.

Writing this makes me realise how I much I have to praise God for. From the treats of cake and chocolate through to trips to London and Frome has made October a great month. I can only hope that November can prove to be just as fun.

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