November Praise Post

November was a rather busy and expensive month but a really fun one too. Lots and lots of trips and socialising, almost to the point that December will be a break. At least a break from travelling anyway. Christmas equals busy time for churches with carol services and nativity galore. But back on track to reflecting on how great November was. So I’ve selected my top ten photos from November’s Instagram to share with you:

  1. I spent Remembrance Sunday in Sheffield this year. It was strange not to be at home as Remembrance Sunday is a big deal- large local military community- but not any less heart-moving. It is a day I used to dread as a Guide, as it meant standing in the cold and/or rain during a long service. Now I am grateful to have the chance to pay my respects for a group of people who choose to serve their country 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  2. Recently I have been totally shattered and losing energy as a result. It’s that horrid cycle of the more tired I am, the less I sleep. When I saw this quote on Instagram, it spoke volumes as my drive for success is so connected to my energy levels. I have been incredibly distracted at work and home, preferring to read or watch TV than work on my blog or MA application. But the reality is that to achieve things I want, I have to work for them. Yes, that will cost me but I believe the cost will be worth the result.
  3. A “family-sized” platter of bread and butter? This was the centrepiece of our family meal when I stayed with Dave, Esther and Sarah in Sheffield. We had lasagne with it before watching High School Musical (Yes, we were cool enough to sing too). I had a fantastic time in Sheffield and loved catching up with the guys. Plus, we road tripped out to Bakewell for afternoon tea as well. There is nothing quite like a cream tea!
  4. Annabel is one of my favourite people to spend time with. From wandering arounds local woods discussing her books and my blog through to drink copious amounts of bizarre teas and tisanes, she is one of the most creative people I know. So who better to take shopping for a first date outfit? After an evening being very sophisticated drinking Amaretto and watching films, we spent a day shopping in Bath for new clothes and Christmas presents. Then we stopped for tea with her sister. And of course it wasn’t normal tea either; I had mango and lemon!
  5. I love writing letters. This paper was a present from Annabel after she spent a year in Australia and has kept my letter-writing endeavours going for a while now. My favourite penpal is Kat and it was to her I was writing last month. She’s been an incredible support for several years and allows me to pour out anything in my letters. I could not recommend having a penpal enough!
  6.  I love my Christmas Cacti and it always brings a smile to my face when I see the first flower of the season. They are just so delicate and feminine yet incredibly sturdy plants – they have to be with my gardening skills. They even survived three years of university!
  7. Recently I’ve been starting to have more ideas about posts I could write on the blog. A Minnie the Minx OOTD and more posts about dressing with writs braces are just two of the outfits I’ve had. There are also a few food experiments that might be ready to go up soon. Then again, I think my colleagues are eager to be guinea pigs so I might take my time perfecting the recipe.
  8. I ordered three pairs of covers for my wrist braces from Sarah at Love. Wild. They have made my life so much easier, look smarter and allow me to wear my knitted cardigans without running them with velcro. I’ve had a few comments about looking like a boxer but I really couldn’t care less. I’m just happy that I can now wrap up a bit warmer in the cold weather. Thank you so much Sarah! They really have made my life ridiculously easier just in terms of giving me my wardrobe back.
  9. Stollen! Who doesn’t love Christmas food? I’ve also been tucking into lebkuchen as shopping at Lidl means that the German Christmas range has been out for weeks already. Even better, I found out that stollen was designed to look like the baby Jesus wrapped in a swaddling cloth. Food that is rooted in the meaning of Christmas, acting as a memory aid. Such a good idea! Though is it bad that I enjoy it around my sister who can’t eat it? (Sorry Steph)
  10. More Christmas food! I saw these bags of nibbles several times in Waitrose and was gutted to see they included peanuts. I just can’t stand peanuts in any form! Then, brainwave… why not make my own? Clearly November was a good month for getting the right side of my brain going again. Unfortunately I didn’t have the cacao butter for the chocolate so December is experimentation month. I’d best get stuck into the kitchen…
But before I head back to the kitchen, I want to say a quick thank you to everyone I mentioned for a fantastic November. It was an incredibly busy month but my friends definitely made it worth while. Now that I’ve told you all about my November, why don’t you share how your’s was? Tell me all about it in the comments below.
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