Why I’m Not Asking for Clothes this Christmas

Why I’m Not Asking for Clothes this Christmas

What are you hoping to unwrap this year? What Christmas presents are you hoping for?

Admit it. No matter what we say, we all have a wish list for Christmas. For those striving to be less materialistic, it might involve goats for a family in Africa. For the sartorially , it might include a specific dress or pair of shoes. For the ethically concerned, it might be organic coffee and fair trade jewellery. But my point is, we all have something on our wish list for Christmas. Normally, I’ll include clothes, shoes or accessories on mine (excluding my traditional socks from ‘Santa’). From wide brimmed fedoras through to winter coats and silky tops, clothes are a standard Christmas present. After all, there is nearly always something I’m after or looking for.

This year, the only two items of clothing I have asked for are socks and bras, specifically sports bras. Nothing fancy or feminine or even comfortable for just chilling out. If I’m totally honest, apart from a few DVDs, a book and skin care, I’ve mostly asked for items I would buy myself if it wasn’t for Christmas. 

So Why Don’t I Want Clothes as Christmas presents?

There is one reasons why I haven’t asked for clothes this year:

Know the Origins

The more I’ve moved into the world of style, fashion and shopping, the uneasier I have become about where my clothes come from. Though I love the British High Street most of the time, I am selective over where I shop. I’ve finally reached the point where this is starting to filter out to even gifts I give people or ask for. 

The reality is that when you are aware of the Rana Plaza incident or the poisoning that happens when mining gold or the chemicals washed into rivers, you can’t look at clothes the same way. And while I’m happy to do my research and pick charity shops over cheaper brands, I can’t expect everyone to do the same. So its easier to just do my own shopping and rest with a slightly eased conscious. 

The Honest Truth

The truth is that I love my family and I love the gift-swapping part of Christmas. But when it comes to the clothes, my concerns over the ethics of retailers is giving me serious doubts. It does make it hard to enjoy a gorgeous necklace when you’re too aware of the side effects of mining. 

The choice is yours. I’ve made my choice to shop for my conscious. What choice will you make?


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