New hat, new camera…

So I finally have a new camera to replace the dodgy photos taken on my phone and tablet! Yippee 😀 More exciting, my new hat arrived from ebay on the same day. The excitement was actually enough to make me shake off my cold-induced, Smallville-overdosed haze and take a few photos in my sunny garden.

The emphasis of this outfit was supposed to be my hat but it was so cold outside that I had to add my scarf to the ensemble. It’s double the width of most of my normal scarf so perfect for those days when I’m too cold to consider moving beyond the duvet. Plus the bright scarlet colour is the best pick-me-up ever for a dreary winter’s day. Combined with the hat, I definitely felt ready to have a birthday breakfast with one of my best girlfriends (it was her birthday) despite the 9am start.

Now, I need to disappear for dinner before heading out to the theatre with my mum. Calendar Girls, my treat 🙂

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