My very first eyelash tint and other business

Yes, I am lazy enough to fork out £12.50 to avoid putting on mascara everyday. It’s the only bit of makeup that I use daily (unless you include lip balm) but when you work on the wet and windy Salisbury Plain you start to wonder if it’s worthwhile. However, as I’ve inherited my mum’s blond lashes you’re not left with a lot of choice.

The Before Shot: barely any lashes and what can be seen looks grey from mascara the night before.

So, when I discovered that our local Clarins studio did an eyelash tint I was intrigued. Not only would I get the dark lashes I desired but never achieved but it would also take those few minutes off my morning routine. I call that a win-win situation, particularly as it means fewer black circles on the rainy days at work.

The only price is that I have to pay £12.50 every four weeks to get them redone. But when that means having an excuse to lie down in a warm room for 20 minutes with your eyes closed listening to Greensleeves, one of my favourite bits of classical music, it seems worth the money. When I came out I felt so relaxed that I would have gone again just for that.

The After Shot: now you can see the whole length and they’re nicely dark. Result!

So I left The Beauty Studio a very happy lady but my day was only to get better. As I exited the studio, I was stunned to see a waving sister in Costa opposite. Before I knew it I was sat down to a salted caramel and cream latte and maHOOsive chocolate teacake (mmmm, marshmallow-y goodness) courtesy of my mum. And she had brought the Orvis cotton shirt I had reserved from the Red Cross for me (keep an eye out for an outfit featuring it). All in all, a pretty successful few hours.

Admittedly, I’m also suffering from a horrific cold so the fact that I managed all that (plus a trip to Morrisons to stock up on fruit teas) was impressive. I then spent the rest of the day slumped on the sofa watching Poirot, eating shortbread and drinking tea. At least there were some perks to feeling like death warmed up.

So, have any of you gone down the (semi-)permanent route with your make up regime? Be interested to hear on any alternative to regular make up.

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