Morning walks at Sutton Gault

In the November edition of Praise Post, I mentioned that I had spent the weekend in East Anglia for my Grandpa’s birthday. One of the best parts of the weekend was staying at The Anchor in Sutton Gault. I was born and raised in the Cambridgeshire Fens and am that strange person who finds the stretched-out, flat landscapes of East Anglia enthralling. Thus, staying on the edge of the Ouse Wash, even for just one night, was something special to me. That probably explains why, on a lazy day off, I made the crazy decision to get up at seven and go for an early morning, misty, walk. Then, after breakfast, I went for another walk with the parents in the sunshine.

The Anchor Inn at Sutton Gault

In winter and spring, the fields between the canals act as a flood plain….
A really big flood plain

Okay, it was very misty early morning.
But I could hear the swans. I just had to find them.
I found them! In the middle of a field!

I haven’t seen hawthorne berries for ages. So bright and seasonal.

My parents brought the sunshine out with them.
After a good breakfast.
Willow trees will always amaze me for their resilience.

I’m now feeling incredibly homesick after seeing these photos. Hmmm, I wonder what the chances are of The Anchor putting me up to do a review of them and the local area? I guess a girl can dream…


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