Modesty: A Definition

Recently I’ve been using the word modesty a lot on the blog to describe my own style, which is heavily influenced by my faith. So I thought today I would have a quick look at the word modesty and where it actually fit within a faith-inspired wardrobe.

In the Oxford Dictionary, there are three definitions of modesty. For the matter of style and clothing,  I feel that the third definition is the most appropriate here.

Behaviour, manner, or appearance intended to avoid impropriety or indecency: ‘modesty forbade her to undress in front of so many people’

This definition agrees with my own understanding of modesty. After all, I personally do not want to appear indecent or cause embarrassment through the way I am dressed or act. However, I think we can all plead guilty to dressing to cause lust, and this still comes under modesty. Is not the easiest way to cause lust to dress (or undress) indecently where others can see you?

Using a scarf to protect clevage modesty: Post from Winter 2013

I, personally, have tended to dress modestly because I have not wanted to put everything on display (though I accept there has been the odd ocassion). I’ve always believed it was something God wanted but I wasn’t sure of the specifics. So I’ve had a look for some… And one website answered the very question, “What does it mean to dress modestly?” The last two lines sum up the entire article on

Modesty in dress reveals a modesty and godliness of the heart, attitudes that should be the desire of all women (and men) who live to please and honor God.

 So it’s not just about dressing so that your clevage/thighs/stomach/bum/insert-body-part-here is not on show. It is also about honoring God is all that we do and wear. You can check out my post on 1 Peter here if you’re curious for more. But we are all guilty of dressing not to honor God but to cause men to lust after us. Who doesn’t like a little bit of attention to boost their self-esteem? But the crazy thing is that the more we dress to honor God, the more our attitudes will change to meet His. And that is part of being modest, not being a doormate but being who God made you to be.

Anyway, I’ll slowly falling asleep here so must apologise. I made the classic mistake of staying too long at the pub. So I hope this article has helped somewhat and I shall big you adieu. Please let me know of any comments or questions.

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