Modest Office Wear || Dressing for Faith at Work

Modest Office Wear || Dressing for Faith at Work

As a working professional, there really isn’t a dress code for “Christian workwear”, however, there are often stated/unstated rules regarding office wear in different work environments. During the time I worked in construction, I wasn’t under any obligation to dress “corporate”. I consider corporate to be the expected dress code in a professional environment but during my time working in a construction firm, I could wear a pair of jean to work and a top/tee shirt. After all I was going to end up fully kitted in personal protective equipment (PPE). So, what informed my dressing during those times and times after that when I was my own boss and could make my own rules?

I was lucky to have been raised in a Christian home, and became a believer (Christian) early on not just because my parents were Christians but based on my convictions. My choice of clothing was always modest, and I wore lots of clothing which were 2x my size because I fancied myself a tomboy. Back then I may not have known that my relationship in Christ informed the kind of clothing I chose to wear. However, shopping became a chore as finding suitable clothing was often hard considering the need to also be fashionable.

Which brings me to the question of how can our faith be evident in our fashion as working professionals? You may be wondering why so much fuss over dressing? Well, I strongly believe that our faith can be reflected in our choice of clothing. I say this from my own experience. From my personal experience, I have come up with what has guided me in being able to remain fashionable in the professional world as a person of faith.

I am led in my choice of clothing

I do not purchase clothing when I feel a prompting in my spirit not to buy. When I do buy such clothing, I end up not wearing it, so most times I heed the prompting in my spirit. I am a child of God and as such I know I am led by the Holy Spirit in the various aspects of my life even though people may say God has better things to do than police your clothes. Well, I don’t really see it as policing my clothes.

I have a few no-no’s

I have laid down rules too regarding clothing. Meaning it may be appropriate for every other Christian but for me, I find it inappropriate. It is my own personal preference. There was a season where I stopped wearing trousers. I wear them now but knowing my no-no’s make shopping for office wears and other attire easier for me. You can pray about them and decide based on your preference what they should be. It may defer for different people.

Know what is expected in the workplace

Like I mentioned, when I worked in construction, I wasn’t expected to show up in corporate wear. A pair of jeans and tee-shirts worked just fine for me. Are you expected to show up in a suit at office? Or with collared shirts and pant trousers or skirts? My advice, know what works in your office. Ideally office workwear is expected to be corporate or business casual. You can also look through the outfits of professional women who are Christians that you admire and come up with your style.

Comfort is Key

This is a very important area for me. You don’t want to be in a meeting and keep adjusting your clothes. I put on a cloth to leave the house even if it isn’t for official purpose, the minute I am not comfortable with it, I take it off. In the work place, you must wear clothing that makes you comfortable.

Finally, there is a lot of fanfare about what we may or may not wear. This has prompted fear in the minds of a few and this has led a few to believe that as Christians we are not expected to look good/fashionable. As a matter fact, I believe God wants us to look good. I believe as Christians the Holy Spirit is there to lead us concerning this area. I also believe that we can let our faith reflect in our choice of clothing in the workplace. In Mathew 23:26 Jesus says to the Pharisees and Sadducees,

“Thou blind Pharisee, cleanse first that which is within the cup and platter, that the outside of them may be clean also.”

No doubt as Christians we can be fashionable and we must realize that the emphasis should be placed on our relationship with God which is on the inside and it naturally spreads to the outside, which in this case is our choice of clothing.

Gowns have become my go to outfit. Don’t I look good in this gown?
Gowns have become my go to outfit. Don’t I look good in this gown?

Author bio: Mercy Ebuetse is the founder and Editor-in-chief of Shalom Truths Magazine, a print/digital Christian and lifestyle magazine. Mercy seeks to inspire and positively impact any and everyone she encounters regardless of the platform. She is an emphatic Christian, Writer, Speaker, Consultant, Entrepreneur, and Engineer. She’s currently located in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

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