May Praise Post

May has been somewhat strange as months go and I’ve had to force myself to slow down so much. I’ve turned 23, fulfilled at least one more resolution, and learnt to make chocolate from the raw ingredients. I haven’t been instagramming very much as I’ve needed to take time to step back into the real world. So you might notice that my posts become a little more erratic but I’m still here to let you know about all the good things I’m thanking God for too.

  1. My birthday is always around the May Day bank holiday, which gives me a lot more time for birthday celebrations. This year I visited Fee in East Anglia, including spending an afternoon in Cambridge where we came across this swans. Sleeping by the upturned boats, it really was a very ‘Cambridge’ scene. We had a wonderful time over the bank holiday, including eating far too much at Arbuckles, drinking raspberry mojtos and shopping in Camden charity shops. All in all, a thoroughly delightful way to celebrate turning 23.
  2. Catherine had been lucky enough to visit Guatemala during April as part of her volcanology MSc. Knowing that I was slightly jealous of her ‘field trip’, she bought me this painting back of one of the volcanoes they were visiting. It amazes me that people could live that close to an active volcano. I love the colour of the flowers and how bright everything is despite the looming volcanoes.
  3. I have learnt how to make my own chocolate, using Deliciously Ella’s recipe. It always comes out very dark and intense so you only need one or two pieces at a time. My latest batch was salted but probably over salted as even Mum, a fan of salted chocolate and caramel, found it a little too strong. 
  4. After the trip to Cambridge, I then met up with another old friend from my university days for a short trip to Belgium. Jess and I spent two nights in Ghent and one night in Brussels. Not only did I deal with my very small fear of very tall/high buldings by looking out over the edge of Ghent Belfry and Brussels’ Museum of Musical Instruments, we visited Gravensteen Castle. I think that was the high light of the trip, with a hilarious set of videos to accompany your visit. I would recommend it any and everyone!
  5. I’ve added a few more unique bits to my wardrobe this month, thanks to both a trip to Camden and my sister’s birthday presents. Two of my favourites are this pylon top and camera necklace. I don’t know why as pylons aren’t exactly my normal style but I adore this top. I just need to add some ribbon to the back in order to secure it. Currently it falls off my shoulders because it’s a size 14 but a tie at the back should fix that. Yes, I’m going to hone my seamstress skills.
  6. Coconut oil! It is my new love in the world of hair care. I’m trying to regularly condition my hair with it, i.e. once a week, by applying it like a hair mask. So far it has been sorting out my dry hair and stopping my scalp itching as much. I would call that a success.

That was a very brief glimpse into my May. How was your May? Let me know what you want to praise God for over the last month. It’s so easy to spend time asking God for things that we can forget to say thank you for what we do have. So why don’t you list the six best things that have happened to you in the last month.

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