March Praise Post

March, it’s been fun but I think we need a break! Yes, that’s right, I am breaking up with March. Unlike January and February, March has been too much for me to handle. With every weekend filled up by friends and family, youthwork and just trying to keep on top of the blog, it has been the most stressful month of 2015 so far.

Despite all of the stress, I have had fun as I’ve bombed from day to day on 6.5 hours sleep or less. So, here is my attempt to praise God for the silver lining of a stressful month.

  1. Bristol Fashion Week: This is one of my favourite events of the local fashion calendar and, after missing AW14, I was thrilled to be invited to SS15. I’ll be writing more about what I got up to, along with the March meeting of #BlogClub, but I have to say I loved several of the trends on show and learnt a lot at the panel discussion on working in fashion. I just need to figure out how to translate those trends into charity shop bargains.
  2. I spent two Saturdays exploring Lacock Abbey with Annabel and Georgia. I had so much fun on both occasions, discovering new things about Lacock every time. Plus, spending time with two wonderful ladies was a treat in itself, let alone a great excuse to catch up with what’s been happening in their lives. You can read about my day out with Annabel here, including some gorgeous photos of the grounds.
  3. Strange thing to include but I found a mouse mat with built in wrist rest at work. As I suffer from mild but chronic tendonitis, this stationery cupboard discovery was a miracle find. Hopefully it will lead to having to wear my wrist support less as all the mouse work has been making life a little more painful. Plus I miss lifting weights at the gym!
  4. The weekend Annabel came to stay, we also had a Pride and Prejudice evening. Well, I say evening but the reality is that after one episode we both began to fall asleep. I guess that proves that I’m definitely not a student anymore. But any chance to watch a bit of period drama is good with me.
  5. For one Friday night only, our local Costa was over taken by young people debating religion, science and every in between. I went along as support and a photographer as was amazed to see the number of young people who came along to listen. The impact the debate had was incredible and it was clear that God was at work. I can’t wait for the next one. 
  6. Second week of March saw me able to spend the day in Norwich catching up with friends and visiting my favourite spots, including this underpass. There is apparently an agreement where the local authorities will not prosecute graffiti so long as it is within this underpass. I love that this form of creativity is given a chance to be expressed even when society frowns on it.
  7. After spending the weekend in East Anglia, I treated myself at the service station with “NOW That’s What I Call Legends” and a bag of sherbet lemons. Just because I could… and because sweets I can suck stop me getting car sick.
  8. Mum and I have gone slightly crazy for Deliciously Ella, in particular the energy bites. Though we have lost weight following Slimming World, both of us were still running low on energy as SW relies on a diet high in low-energy food. Ella’s creations have turned that around with both of us reducing processed sugars and refined foods in exchange for energy bites, nut butter stuffed dates and coconut oil. I don’t think I could have survived March without these swaps.
  9. I also could not have survived March without Muscle Rescue or camomile tea. It’s the perfect thing for winding down both physically and mentally at the end of the day. So I want to say a massive thank you to the little things that get us through the day-to-day of our lives.
  10. Saturday 14 March was Derby Day at my old university, hence my trip to Norwich. UEA vs Essex is an annual event and I competed twice for UEA Trampoline Club while I was reading History so it was fantastic to be able to support them this year. It was a gloriously sunny day and it was great to be back on campus. Even better, I caught up with old friends and UEA beat Essex.

I think we can safely say that March, while busy, did have it’s fun moments. However, I think I might try and play April a little slower. I might even try out iBloom’s ideas for a three minute getaway.

Let me know how your March was? Did you take it slow or cram too much in like me? Let me know in the comments below.

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