An Evening with Kiehls || What Skincare taught Me about Patience*

An Evening with Kiehls || What Skincare taught Me about Patience*

Ever since I can remember, I have suffered from some form of skin condition. At one point it was infected eczema on my elbow. Nowadays, my face has tendency to go red and tight at the drop of a hat. And don’t even get me started on how itchy, dry and flaky my legs get if I haven’t moisturised. It hasn’t been very much fun.

But there has been one blessing. My skin has taught me patience.

Back in January I jumped on the Word of the Year band wagon. I chose patience to shape my 2017. I have to admit, it hasn’t gone entirely to plan. But here we are in March and it is still firmly lodged in my mind.

The area where patience has become the most relevant is in how I look after my skin. Years of keeping my face from feeling dry and tight has taught me that some things cannot be rushed. From exfoliating every evening (big no-no) through to discovering the power of facial oils, it has taken time and faith. In other words, a lot of patience.

There is patience in the products

Skincare isn’t just about patiently exploring what works for you. It is also about the products and methods that you choose. 

This was really driven home to me back in February when I attended a ‘Bloggers Evening with Kiehls’ at Meadowhall. During the evening we were treated to three different treatments: a facial, an arm and hand massage, and a skin consultation. Each of these took 5-10 minutes minimum. Yet each treatment also felt like I had all the time in the world. That I was allowed to take time to fully understand my skin. 

That is the essence of patience. Taking time to fully understand the challenge at hand. 

And that is exactly what the team at Kiehl’s in Meadowhall did. They took their time to fully understand my skin so that they could give me the best advice they could. 

I started with a skin consultation, which I think was the best part to be honest. But it wasn’t the quick fix I was expecting. Instead, using strips and a little gadget, I had my skin’s oiliness and hydration physically checked. They were even able to give me a percentage for my skin barrier’s hydration: 39.4%. I was absolutely amazed that any company would have the patience to understand my skin so thoroughly. 

The second part of my consultation was having various products suggested based on the results from my hydration and oiliness. I did throw a spanner in the works by mentioning my eczema, for about five minutes. Yet even with the eczema to consider, the girls at Kiehl’s stayed on track. But more than that, they genuinely had my best concerns at heart.

When suggesting products during the consultation and facial, the team never tried to sell me products that would not be suited to me. Instead, I was sent home piled high with samples to try out without any expectation that I would buy something there and then. 

The two samples I was particularly recommended were the Midnight Recovery Concentrate and the Skin Rescuer. I have to admit I haven’t tried them yet because I’m a coward when it comes to changing my skin care. But knowing that the team at Kiehl’s cared about my skin so patiently encourages me to patiently keep exploring my options.

But whether or not I ever get the bravery to step away from my normal routine and try their samples isn’t why I’d recommend Kiehl’s. I’d recommend them because booking a facial with them or having a skin consultation is a chance to practice patience. To fully get to know the skin you live in.

And who knows, maybe patience with my skin might turn into patience with myself.

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