June Praise Post

June Praise Post
I’ve turned my Monthly Praise Posts into a link up to encourage you (yes, you) to write up your own post about what God has been doing in your life this month. You can find out more below.
Finally 2016 seems to have slowed down a little bit! June has been a really, really good month but also one that seems to have decided to take the slow train. While it means I can relax a little, it also means that each day at work is seriously dragging… I’m sure you know what I mean! Fortunately, I’ve had another month of full weekends to look forward to plus good books and cups of tea to get me through the damp weather we’ve been having. Seriously, I am so glad that God created a huge variety of tea! But before I start getting mushy over cups of hot tea (we had a mini celebration on Instagram), let’s get on with nine of my favourite Insta-moments from June.
  1. A good book can be the best thing in the world! A story that grips you with action, characters, plot twists and even weird Medieval-political storylines is fictional gold dust. I know that The Game of Thrones is not to everyone’s taste but I just love the character complexity. No one is good or bad and I want to bang all their heads together to knock some sense into them! They were my faithful companions on my train journeys when I didn’t have the energy to work on the blog any longer. Sometimes we all need a chance to escape from the world around us.
  2. Catherine and Annabel are two of the most important people in my life. (Annabel will also be doing a happy dance when she sees this as it’s her third appearance in a Monthly Praise Post in a row.) This photo was taken on one of those, increasingly rare, spontaneous nights when we just decide to crash at one of our houses with no plans. This time I was actually packing to visit my grandparents but the beautiful thing about my besties is that they’re happy to just chat and chill while I pack. We had some massive giggles and of course had some boy chat… mostly about how I’ve realised that I do too much to have a boyfriend and I’m too selfish to give anything up to make room for one. It really is the little, spontaneous times that make a life worth remembering.
  3. My grandma’s desk is becoming one of my favourite places for productive work. I visited them in Suffolk at the start of June and loved every moment of it. Not only was I spoilt with a trip to the most incredible restaurant but they also gave me space to get a load of writing done. Their house has become a true refuge to me. Somewhere I can be productive and relaxed without any of the distractions that get in my way at home. Yet I swear I actually do less work there though I feel more productive. Basically, visiting my grandparents is great for me in pretty much every way!
  4. My grandma totally shocked me on the Sunday. The top is from Spiral Direct, one of my favourite gothic brands. My super-conservative grandma said she liked my top and then suggested I buy some more from the same brand! My mum and sister have no idea how I get away with so much with my grandparents. I just know that having my family accepting me, including all my quirks, is amazing.
  5. I love love love fruit and herbal tea. I’ve even fallen for chocolate tea. Yes, it is a real thing! And I discovered Planet Organic’s Rawkin Roons! This bag of goodies may have been a rather expensive buy but it totally made my day! I may have even gone through the whole box of raw macaroons in one day, though I did share them at work. Next step is persuading Pukka or Planet Organic to send me some freebies… anyone have any contacts?
  6. I had another Sheffield adventure in June. My amazing friends Esther and Dave are now officially married! It was a beautiful ceremony, fantastic reception and being surrounded by friendly northerners is always reinvigorating. But what it did make me realise that I’m a rural girl at heart. I cannot wait for the move to Sheffield in September but I am definitely going to need to find a rural refuge while I’m up there. Any suggestions gratefully received!
  7. My final trip of June was to Brighton to visit the lovely Louisa and Alistair. I’ve visited Brighton before but only on a gloomy January day so it was gorgeous to visit it on a summer’s weekend. We explored Brighton’s charity shops and had a pub lunch on the coast. The sunshine was fantastic even if there was a little dipping and diving between showers.
  8. My stitches are out! Okay, so having my mole taken out was not a highlight of June but I am glad I did it. Whether or not it comes back cancerous, I am grateful to have the concern of a large mole and skin cancer taken away from me. But I even more grateful to have the horribly itchy stitches out!
  9. I found this verse while flicking through a notebook my godmother gave me for journalling. I have been dreaming and planning so much that I’ve becoming totally wrapped up in what I want for the future. This verse was perfectly timed and a real reminder that no matter how much I want to live in California or run a digital ministry, it is all in God’s timing and planning.
God has been pretty epic this month. His blessings come in so many different forms and I have been made so aware of that throughout June!

Monthly Praise Post Link Up

Now my favourite bit! For those of who you love to see what God’s been doing in our lives, it’s your turn to join in! Excited? I am! All you have to do is write up your own praise post and link it up at the bottom of the page (click on An InLinkz Link-up and follow the steps). 
However, if you could follow these pointers, that would be great:
  • Concentrate on the good things that have happened over the last month. That could be the obvious or even how God has turned a rubbish situation into a good one (like forcing me to take time to chill via my wrists).
  • Read the link that appears before yours. Maybe even leave a comment on the page so they know you’ve read it. Let’s build a community of Christian girls and guys celebrating with and supporting each other.
  • Use the button below to let everyone know about the Monthly Praise Posts. Let’s see people praising God for the everyday stuff all over the web! (I even included HTML code for your web design ninjas. Or you can copy and paste the button)

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