January Praise Post

So here we are in February. Can you believe it is the second month of 2015 already?! It’s been something of a crazy month as I get used to working 9-5 Monday-Friday and juggling it with blogging, youthwork and church commitments. Oh, and did I mention that I’m taking on a research role with Not An Object? Or the Masters I need to start reading for in order to apply this September? Or the fact that I’ve signed up to Christian Connections? So yeah, it’s probably been more than a crazy month.

January's Praise Points

However, I have still had enough time to snap my way through the month. If you follow me on Instagram (or Twitter or Facebook tanks to the wonders of ifttt.com), you will have seen some of what I’ve been up to. I’ve picked twelve of my favourite photos to share with you as I remember just how wonderful my life actually is.

  1. Slendertox Tea: This might not be such a great memory as the tea did make me somewhat nauseous and running for the toilet. However, it was my third affiliate post and I was so happy to be given the opportunity by the Bloggers Hub and Slendertox Tea. So while I couldn’t finish my teatox, I am so grateful for the opportunity.
  2. Soup and stew: Not the most exciting but oh how I love soup. With the food thermos flask that I was given for Christmas, I’ve gone a little made on the soup front. So far I have made leek and potato, pea and mint, and roast pepper and tomato. Definitely been keeping me warm and full at lunch. I also cooked my parents chicken and chorizo stew this month and it has been my most successful recipe so far.
  3. Juicing: I have made that final step and bought myself a juicer. I’ve been having between three and five juices a week made with various green veg, carrots, fruit and ginger. So far my favourite has been apple, carrot and ginger and spinach, carrot and grapefruit. Everyone seems to think I’m a bit strange for it but they definitely perk up my breakfast time.
  4. Sheffield: I spent the last weekend of January in Sheffield with two gorgeous girls who I have had the pleasure of being on team with at K4K. Sophie and Esther are two of my dearest friends and it was wonderful spending a full weekend with them. Even better, we also saw Ruth and Postie who come to K4K as well and Dave, Esther’s fiancee, joined us for Sunday roast dinner. But the snow we frolicked in at Longshaw Estate was the best part of the weekend. Photos to follow.
  5. Health Freak: I have started Slimming World with Mum in an attempt to get my eating back on track. Though I love KSFL‘s attitude to healthy living, I just can’t afford it. So I’m taking the sugar free approach and combing it with SW. Unfortunately, I started just before going up to Sheffield and was not prepared for the train journey. Hence my choice of Nakd and Trek bars and a coffee. Not exactly healthy but it definitely kept me going.
  6. My sister’s visit: During January my incredibly talented godsister (my mum= her godmother) was on the stage in her dance school’s musical production. As this particular dance school is my (actual) sister’s old dance school, Steff came home to watch Els play Junior Crow in the Snow Queen. Apart from one or two hiccups, it was great fun and having Steff back for a weekend from university was a welcome relief. This picture was actually taken while waiting in a very crowded M&S for lunch. However, any excuse to go to Bath is a good one so we were happy.
  7. New jumper: I have yet to wear this particular jumper due to my lack of bottom halves that aren’t black but I just love it. I’m very proud to be a graduate of UEA and this jumper summed it all up. I just had to buy it… now just to buy some regular jeans to wear with it.
  8. London Town: It has been crazy on the social side so far in 2015 and shows no sign of stopping. It was all kicked off by a journey up to London to see Fee, James and Jake. The plan: Figuring out how to play the Game of Thrones board game. I did shock some of the men at work by my weekend plans, which filled me with glee. Believe it or not, skirted admin girls can enjoy the geekier side of life.
  9. Fabric Clash: I have been reveling in experimenting with my work-wear wardrobe. This particular photo was taken on a day when I paired my faded denim shirt with a pleated and laser-cut mesh skirt. I just love how the peach underskirt peaks through the squares. However, I think I need to retire my denim shirt. There is such a thing as too faded.
  10. Being Me: January marks the month that I finished counselling! I can’t believe that I reached this point but I am actually able to be myself on a daily basis. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been without blips so I have taken to wearing bands to remind myself of truths when I’m down. This one stands for Pray Until Something Happens. My other favourite has Hebrews 11 v1 written on it, as a reminder that I have a firm in hope even when I can’t see it.
  11. Winter Views: I can moan and moan and moan about where I live. It’s not the Fens, it’s not the Lake District, it’s not this or that. However, there are some moments when I just have stand there and gaze, before sharing the rural loveliness on Instagram. Fortunately, they are becoming more and more frequent.
  12. Girl With A Cause: The photo shoot that we did for Not An Object in December made it into the local paper for January. I’m so proud of everyone who had their photo taken and I’m thinking of doing another event soon. Have any of you sent a photo into Mat and the team yet?

So this January has flown past in a flash. I’ve had a great time and February has a hard act to follow. However, just as January beat December, I’m sure that February will rise to the occasion. I’ve practically booked up every weekend so far so my blogging might take a blow or two. Nonetheless, I shall be attempting to keep you updated so do follow me on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/Bloglovin. Just take your pick!


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