Inspired by British Grannies

Black cocoon coat, blue top and grey floral midi skirt

The British Granny! A stalwart of the style scene in Great Britain, where ‘granny chic’ and ‘grandadigans’ reign supreme. I bet if you rummaged through your wardrobe, you could find at least one item that pays homage to the influence of your grandparents and their generation. For myself, it is the random tweed jacket I picked up from the Red Cross, the various bits my Grandma offloads on me, and my preference for short hair styles. Yep, as I write this I realise I have a lot more to thank my own grannies for than I realised.

Nothing in this particular outfit actually owes it’s appearance in my wardrobe to my grandparents, but when I took the photos it reminded me of my maternal grandmother. Always an elegant woman, even when gardening, she has always tried to pass on to me her sense of style. Believe me, I have done everything I could to fight her influence. I even wore my graffiti pencil skirt (really need to do an outfit post with it) out to dinner with them in order to fight it. Nonetheless, something of my granny’s style has found it’s way into my own.

Black cocoon skirt, blue pashima, grey floral midi skirt

I’m still not sure I’m entirely sold on this as an outfit as the silhouette is a little on the voluminous side. The top and skirt form a rather nice hourglass but I think my black military jacket would have been a better choice than my oversized cocoon. Then again, I adore my cocoon though that may be to do with the fact it feels like a blanket I can wear. Yet another treasure I have my local Red Cross shop to thank for. Then again, it is my cocoon that adds the ‘granny-esqe’ style to this outfit. The oversized-ness lends itself to that iconic British battle against the elements. Or I might just be making up a load of tosh to explain away my desire to wear a blanket to work.

What do you guys think? Am I speaking a load of rubbish or are you also inspired by the British Granny?

Style Notes || Skirt: Izabel || Top: Oasis (years ago) || Jacket: British Red Cross ||  Shoes: Next || Scarf: La Redoute


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