Why Wear High-Waisted Skirts?

The Benefits of Going High || High-Waisted Skirts

For years, high-waisted anything has received a bad press. Do you remember the comments about Simon Cowell’s trousers on X Factor? Even now, the super comfy high-waisted knickers that we all secretly love are known as ‘granny pants’. 

As a curvy girl, this has put me at a serious disadvantage because high-waisted clothes fit me better. For years I had to deal with low-slung jeans constantly falling down. But now, the tide has turned. High-waisted is back in fashion… and in the shops!

Now, I love high-waisted jeans. But sometimes a girl needs something a little different. Sometimes she wants to wear a skirt. Fortunately, high-waisted skirts come in all shapes and sizes.

The best thing about choosing skirts or jeans that sit on the waist rather than the hips is that they don’t cause muffin tops or builder’s bums. Instead, they glide over the stomach, unless you’ve chosen a pencil skirt, and hide that cleavage. Whether you are dressing for modesty or not, the elegance that comes from clothes that fit properly can’t be denied. And no one really likes to have a builder’s bum.

How to Style a High-Waisted Skirt

High-waisted black lace skirt and pylon top

My favourite option is an A-line or full circle skirt. While I do love a pencil skirt, they can be a right pain to walk in. Whether you’re in the office, going out for coffee, having cocktails or spending all day studying, they are shapes that can work for any occasion. Comfy to sit in and easy to move in, an A-line or full circle skirt is a must-have for any curvy girl who loves her skirts.

With a looser skirt, such as an A-line, there are two shapes of top that work well. Firstly, a more structured or fitted top. So think a crisp shirt or a fitted t-shirt. Even a knitted jumper would work, so long as it is fitted. The key is to keep the slim silhouette up top, which should naturally flow into the skirt. This is a much neater style, with clean lines. Ideal for a day in the office or even a dinner date.

For those who prefer a looser style, so long as its tucked in a loose-shape can work brilliantly too. By tucking in a looser top, you are able to work your natural curves without restricting movement. Allowing for a small amount of fabric to be loose around the waist, so it flows over the top of the skirt, makes your curves an asset without forfeiting modesty. After all, dressing modestly is not about being ashamed of your femininity, outwardly and inwardly.

What’s your favourite way to style up a high-waisted skirt? Or do you prefer to go for jeans?


Style Notes || Top: Charity Shop || Skirt: Grandma || Shoes: Next (old) || Bag: British Red Cross


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