From The Archives: The New Designers That You Can Shop Now

The New Designers of 2013… recognise anyone?

Last year Look brought our attention to three new designers; Sophia Webster, Mawi and Yang Du. All three were showcased at the London Fashion Exhibition in 2013. My favourite choice was Yang Du’s knits but the one that has continually come across my computer screen is Sophia Webster. This may have something to do with my addiction to La Petite Anglaise (could there be a blogger more different to myself). And I have to admit that looking at her shoe collection, I can understand why Sophia Webster has stayed firmly in Ella’s eyeliner. I’m not sure whether they belong on my feet, if my balance was that good, or in an art exhibition!


I think my favourite is the Vida due to its downright fierce take on a somewhat girly motif, the butterfly. Can you imagine wearing something like that on a night out? Although due to my lack of experience with properly high heels, I would most likely be on the sofa for most of the night. And the Chiara continues with this theme, though the popping brights make it less fierce and more party time- not that there is anything wrong with that!

However, I’m afraid that the ones I would wear the most would be the Gwen. Admittedly I’m not a pink fan- never have been- but in any dark colour they would look amazing! Not that I would like to say I dislike Sophia Webster’s design. The transparent workboot look is amazing and would be fantastic with clashing/complementary socks or tights.

You could say that I’m converted to Sophia Webster’s shoes. So while that means, along with Mulberry, I have two designer loves but it doesn’t mean I’m going to play it safe. You all know me. If I ever gain a pair of Sophia Webster shoes (why do I work in the charity/heritage sector?), you can guarantee I’ll pair them with my charity shop buys… just you wait!

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