From the Archives: Hello! Sixties Siren

So it’s technically an advert, but I do actually own the eyeliner and mascara by chance! (From Look)

First up, a confession. I am fully aware that this particular archived article is an advert for Rimmel in Look. And I would like to point out that I am not advertising for them, though I do use both the mascara and eyeliner shown here. I have actually chosen this article for it’s relevance to last Saturday. For that was the night of Clare and Fee’s Swinging Sixities Shindig (a.k.a. their joint birthday bash). And that meant fancy dress!

Photos of my outfit on the night shall be appearing soon enough but I’ll give you a brief idea of what I wore: nude baby doll dress with a black collar, black knee high socks and black heels. Classy and- may be fooling myself- a nod to 60s mod trends. But a ’60s requires a ’60s make over so I turned to my archives for inspiration and they did not fail.

Being a little bit of a scaredy-cat when it comes to make up (read: I have my lashes tinted and wear lip balm. End.), I chose the less scary route. So it was the ’60s Flick & Flutter for me as I know I can apply eyeliner relatively steady. My nails are a different matter. I don’t have the steadiest hand and as they were done on the train… well, you can imagine it. But at least I made that little bit of effort to get into the Swinging Sixties mood, even if it steamed off in the hot tub.

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