Freebie Fashion… Proving a tacky tourist t-shirt can work

Stonehenge est. 3,000 BC t-shirt: end of stock but similar are available at the Stonehenge Visitor Centre
Cardigan: New Look
Belt: Marks and Spencer
Skirt: Red Cross
Leggings: New Look
Getting so desperate for a decent photo I used the mirror!
Necklaces: Variety of gifts, places, etc.

Once again I need to ask forgiveness for the awfulness of these photos. I’m still experiencing difficulties in the camera department so these were taken on my phone.
So this week’s outfit was birthed in idea form at work on Tuesday (a gold star if you can guess where I now work). Caroline was handing out free t-shirts as all the stock needed to be sold/wasted before moving up to our posh new visitor centre. (If you live in England and haven’t heard about it, what have you been doing??) On taking the opportunity to grab a tee for lazy house-only days, an idea flashed into my head… Is there a way to make the tacky t-shirt souvenir stylishly-acceptable?

This is the result. Although the cut of the t-shirt does give me a mono-boob, it’s super comfy to wear when working in the shop, blogging or having a driving lesson (Guess what my day consisted of). The belt and cardigan give it a little more definition and style. The only negative point was that t-shirts are too short to wear with only leggings. I like to keep my vpl invisible so not covering leggings with a skirt or tunic is not an option. Thus, we ended up with today’s outfit. It still needs a bit of tweaking but it’s something to work with for now. Who knows, we may all soon be rushing to Stonehenge for more than a picture with some standing stones.

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