D.I.Y Beauty: Coco Sugar Lip Scrub

D.I.Y lip care… Thanks you Look

 As I’ve mentioned countless times, I am a Look addict on a weekly (self-induced)prescription of fashion, beauty and lifestyle articles. Normally I stick to the fashion sections but this week I gave into the beauty section’s article on rebooting my look.

Definitely going to be trying some of the other tricks now

How to make your own coco sugar scrub… Yummy!

The article in question contained several tips on how to ‘Reboot Your Look’ for different parts of your body. As someone who has had problems with dry, chapped lips since primary school, I zoomed in on the lips.

A store cupboard recipe… Purse friendly 😀

 I couldn’t believe it when I read ‘Buff Them Up’ how simple it was to make my own scrub. Or, as a cash-strapped graduate, how cheap as it uses all store cupboard ingredients. I figured that I had to try and make some if just for the fun of experimentation!

So last Sunday, once I got home from church, I proceeded to raid the food stores for beauty products… Not something I ever thought I would do. As it’s an all-in-one recipe with no heating or other processes required, it was super-quick and easy. So within five minutes of finding all the ingredients I was rubbing my coco sugar lip scrub on my lips. (Mum was laughing her head off as I had a dark brown line around my lips but it came off really easily.)

I’ve been using the scrub since then and my lips are slowly getting smoother and smoother. It’s no overnight fixer and needs lip balm applied straight after each time but I have been converted to sugar scrubs because of it. Thanks Sam Freedman (Look‘s acting beauty editor) for this wonderful trick to buffing my lips.

The finished result. Works amazingly even on my super-dry lips!

Based on the success of this experiment I’m considering some more D.I.Y beauty projects, maybe branching into fashion and lifestyle. So keep your eyes peeled to see if D.I.Y becomes a (semi-)regular feature.

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