Cropped Jeans? Add Wedges

 Calling all denim lovers! Who amongst us is not blessed with tiny, slim legs that look amazing in cut-off denim shorts? I know I am definitely not. Instead I’ve been given the failed prototype of Beyonce and Rihanna’s bootiful derrières. So shorts of any kind, even trusty denim, do not do me any favours. So what to do when the weather calls for something shorter?

Cropped jeans! Yes, you heard me correctly. For so long I’ve been under the illusion that cropped trousers simply make your calves look massive and your legs shorter. Then I tried my wedges with them…

As is so often the case, the lengthening power of a good pair of heels has made my crops wearable. Instead of appearing short and stumpy, my legs look far more toned and slim than they really are. Even my derrière looks more toned, maybe even smaller.

So suddenly I have an option for the summer. I don’t need to be sweating in full length jeans or wearing breezy skirts and dresses. I have found my own in-between and still feel stylish wearing it. Woohoo! I’m chalking that up as a win.

Style notes: Sunglasses- New Look, Top (really old)- White Stuff, Jeans- Dorothy Perkins, Shoes- Tu at Sainsburys, Pearls- Gift.

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