Making Lace Crop Tops Work || Britain’s Answer to the American HALFTEE

Making Lace Crop Tops Work || Britain’s Answer to the American HALFTEE

I’m not sure when it happened but crop tops have come back into fashion.

I grew up in the 90s and early 00s. I have vivid memories of my grandma pulling down my “normal length” t-shirt because it was too short… and I had a builder’s bum (yay for unwanted cleavage at age 8!). Now that I’m finding it impossible to find longline tops, I’m realising that those “normal length” t shirts were actually long crop tops!

Cropped is basically fashion speak for any top or jacket that finish above your hips or around your waist. So unless you’re wearing amazingly high-waisted trousers or a high skirt, you’re probably going to flash a little stomach. Not exactly the look girls pursuing modesty and aiming for. And anyway, I’ve done the knotted-cropped-shirt look. It’s just not flattering with my stomach.

Making Crop Tops Modest

The question is when you find a cute crop top, how do you make it modest. If you can still find a longline vest top, it’s time to layer up. If you do have a pair of high-waisted jeans, by all means, work that 90s trend. 

What about when the crop top isn’t that cute? Or maybe it’s too tight to layer over a longer top? This is when crop tops really play a big role in modest styling. Typically high-necked, they work great underneath v-necks that show more cleavage than you would like to show. Plus, the cropped length gets rid of the extra bulk that can result from layering up fitted full-length tops.  The problem is finding ones that aren’t designed for sports and gym wear.

Black lace crop top, black asymmetric top, navy maxi skirt, blue Maori pendant

I first came across HALFTEE Layering Fashions on Fresh Modesty. Part lycra and part cotton, they are specifically designed for layering. Fitted to not cause any unnecessary bunching (Whoop, no more Michelin Man looks). Cropped so that they don’t rub or ride up against the other layers. To the girl looking to dress modestly, HALFTEE is the answer to so many questions.

The problem for this Brit is that HALFTEE is American. Yep, it is based all the way across the pond. Even worse, it has no outlet or retailer here in the UK. Buying my halftee would require the price of overseas shipping along with the retail price. That’s a little of the steep side for a top designed to fill in the bottom of a v-neck. 

Okay, HALFTEE does come with a variety of sleeve lengths, necklines, and fabrics. That’s all great if you need a variety. But all I want is a something to fill in v-necks so that I don’t feel like my cleavage is always on show. As amazing as these crop tops are, I wasn’t super keen on the idea of loads of money in exchange for a modest layer.

Discovering M&Co. Lace Crop Tops

I discovered M&Co.’s layering range through a lady at church. This particular lady is always immaculately dressed! Always! She’s also incredibly modest and often layers up her clothes yet manages to do so without any extra bulk. Obviously, I asked her about this and she told me about M&Co.’s lace vests. 

When I eventually made it to M&Co. to visit, I wasn’t as taken with the vests as I’d hoped. Full-length just wasn’t what I was looking for. But hanging next to those vests were lace crop tops. There was my solution!

These lace crop tops are a little different to the HALFTEE. Instead of fitting between your bra and outer layer, they replace your bra. An elasticated (no more hooks!) bra/top holds everything in place, with opaque fabric. The neckline for this is a scoop neck with two thick straps, which I think look like the straps of a thick vest top. The lace covers the front of the crop top, squaring off the neckline by covering the bottom semicircle section of the neckline. This covers up cleavage and comfortably secures your breasts without the need for extra layers.

No cleavage on show. No hooks scratching your back. No underwire cutting in. 

Effectively, these lace crop tops completely changed how I dress. I am now so much more comfortable at work when I’m training people on computers. Leaning over in shops to grab items off a shelf isn’t something I try to avoid doing. I feel secure that my breasts aren’t going to fall out when I’m wearing a lower v-neck or scoop neck top. My life is that bit easier as a result.

Also, if you live on your own and are comfortable doing this, they’re so comfy for lounging in with a pair of trackies. You know you want to do it!

Black lace crop top, black asymmetric top, navy maxi skirt, blue Maori pendant

My Wardrobe Now

Nowadays, my wardrobe happily includes necklines of all shapes and sizes. With my lace crop tops in hand, I honestly think I can take on almost any top. For example, the top in these pictures has a constantly changing neckline. With my crop tops, I don’t worry about it, unless it starts to fall down, because I know my modesty and personal sense of dignity is intact. It’s a relief and a joy!

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Black lace crop top, black asymmetric top, navy maxi skirt, blue Maori pendant

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