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It’s what we all dream of when starting work on a Monday. The long and lazy brunches that belong to weekends and bank holidays. Well, I treated myself this week and took Monday off to work on the blog (as a result I have a shiny new blog design and the start of a media kit. Productive, much!) As I was home alone, I took the opportunity to test out some of the recipes I’ve been storing up for just such a time.

You may remember that last year I spent a whole post salivating over Friends, Food, Family: Recipes and Secrets from LibertyLondonGirl by blogger and business woman, Sasha Wilkins. Her baked french toast has been on my mind for a while and when planning my CC Kitchen posts I realised it would be perfect for a long brunch. I’ve been making french toast (a.k.a eggy bread) for years but I have never thought of baking it. While it didn’t rise like a Yorkshire Pudding as Sasha promised and the crispy bottoms stayed attached to the tray, baked french bread was definitely a nice change to my normal brunch repertoire.
The recipe could not be any easier. Sasha advises one egg per slice of bread, which is then whisked before soaking the bread in it. As I was having savory french bread I added a pinch of salt, but you can add sugar if sweet is your thing. After a good long soak (I may have got distracted by designing my media kit), I baked it for 15 minutes at gas mark 4. 
I have a confession though. I did make an addition to Sasha’s original recipe by laying three slices of chorizo on each slice of bread for the last five minutes. It added a wonderfully smoky yet salty element to the french bread. I could have eaten another slice or two at least just because of the chorizo! 
From Pure Fresh Daily
As everyone knows, a lazy brunch needs a suitable drink to go with it. Since #SugarFreeSeptember, I have fallen in love with almond milk as an alternative to its standard dairy cousin. When I came across this recipe for tumeric milk from Pure Fresh Daily, I instinctively added it to my Evernote recipe collection knowing it would come in useful. You don’t need me to explain how to make it as the above recipe is pretty straight forward. However, you do need a strong blender otherwise the dates will remain as soft lumps in your milk. Well, I say milk. In reality it was more like a frothy, sweet yet slightly spicy milkshake. Even better, as Lori stressed in her recipe post, tumeric is ridiculously good for your body, making this a healthy milkshake!
All in all, it was a fantastic brunch in both its easy laziness and general tastiness. I have to admit that the health freak in me was a little dubious about the white bread but the tumeric milk totally made up for that. Anyway, sometimes its good for the soul to ignore the healthy freak inside you if it allows you the odd treat.
Now it’s your turn. Let me know what’s your favourite way to have a lazy brunch? Are you an orange juice and croissant type of person or do you enjoy pushing out the boat? Let me know in the comments below.
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