CounterCouture: Modest Style #4

Magpies in the room, please raise your hand. No, I’m not talking about those cute birds that supposedly foretell our luck. I am talking about all of you out there who find the lure of all things shiny, metallic, jewelled, encrusted and glittery irresistible. I count myself amongst those people, though the ethical price is too high for me now.
But we’re not here to discuss the ethical price of the high street. Instead, the question is “Can your favourite necklace affect the modesty of your outfit?” Inconsequential, you say. Me, I’m not so sure. After all, is not the point of an artfully placed necklace to draw one’s attention to a specific place? So is there one failsafe length to ensure your modesty or is it all tied up in the outfit? Lets find out…

The majority of my necklaces are simple chains of varying lengths, often with a pendant threaded on to them. They are a key part of my outfit and allow me to add a bit of glitz to often plain outfits. To be honest, the modesty of a necklace is not something that has been on my radar until recently. Yet, as the top left picture demonstrates, a pendant nestled just above the chest only causes to emphasise cleavage. In contrast, shorter chains direct attention away from the chest area towards the face. Not only is this more modest but it could even direct towards your face! Who knew necklaces had so much power?

Then again, the neckline of your chosen outfit also impacts on modesty. The lower the neckline, the more distinct the necklace needs to be from the neckline. So a top that finishes just above the chest would ideally be paired with a necklace that finishes around the abs or at the collar bone. There’s still room for individuality and variety without compromising on modesty. For example, a chunky 90s style choker is totally different to 20s style long beads but both preserve modesty. Equally, you could wear a high neckline with a necklace that rests between the chest and collar bone. Not only is it more modesty but it’s also more versatile with different styles of necklace. Being modesty doesn’t have to mean be stuck in one style.

Despite my love of necklaces and their versatility, I don’t think we can discuss them without looking at the Bible. Along with hair coverings, they are probably the most discussed part of an outfit in Scripture. We are repeatedly told we should be more concerned with our modesty and self-control than fancy hair and expensive jewels. Why? Because anything that gets between us and God is bad, even if that is just being over picky with what we wear. So my advice to myself is to focus on our relationship with our Father God. After that, everything else falls into place; that includes how long our necklaces should be.

As always, I’d love to hear your views on dressing modestly in the comments below. And don’t forget to share your modest style pictures on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with #CCModestStyle.


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