CounterCouture: Modest Style #1

Considering that I originally started out to be a fashion blogger in favour of modesty, my interests seemed to have diversified rather a lot over the last year. So, in the interests of coming back to why I started CounterCultural. CounterCouture, I’ve decided it’s time to take a more detailed look at modest style and how it fits in with my wardrobe. As I’ve be wearing a lot of skirts recently, I thought that the relationship between tights, leggings and hemlines would be a good place to start.

Mid length, Tunic, Maxi, Mini

Over the last year or so, I’ve worn the whole range of hemlines. From elegant maxis through to just-long-enough tunics, I have become a lot more familiar with the concept of skirts and dresses. (Before I started blogging, I was strictly a trousers girl.) This has also introduced me to the world of tights, nude and opaque, and leggings. Over that time I have established a few rules about what hem length should go with which ‘leg covering’.


The most annoying of tights, nude tights are renowned for easily laddering, not providing any warmth unless layered and essentially being a nuisance. So is it worth bothering with them? My answer is yes! Even if you are wearing a shoe-covering maxi, nude tights are essential if you want to go without socks. This is primarily because they do reduce the chances of blistering, if slightly, and stop your feet slipping around in your shoes, as much. However, I especially recommend them for anything that can be classified as mid-length. Yes, you can still pull off the smooth, hairless look but with so much less effort. Those pimples from shaving… Reduced. Those morning you didn’t shave… Hidden. The purpose of the nude tight is to make people think you put the effort in when you maybe didn’t. Basically, they are a timesaver!


If nudes are for mid-length dresses and skirts, what about above the knee? This is where I recommend my favourite tight, the opaque. Now these beauties will actually keep your legs warm and look good doing it. The essential for every skirt wearer is 40 denier or higher in black. It just goes with everything and keeps your legs warm. After that, experiment with a whole world of colour. I’ve been partial to blue, red and teal in the past but I’m now contemplating green, burgundy or even mustard. But these are strictly for above the knee. Anything longer and your legs will suddenly shorten, making you look out of proportion. Yet with shorter skirts, dresses, or even shorts, they are a modesty-saver as the chances of flashing the wrong bit of skin becomes almost non-existent. This all adds up to longer legs, warmer legs and modest legs. I would call that a win-win-win situation!


Oh, leggings. They were my best friend during sixth form when I first started to move beyond jeans and hoodies. They were the equivalent of armbands for a skirt-phobe like me. Nowadays I’m still in love with them, though I do tend to wear them till they fall apart. And they are perfect for a modest wardrobe. For the more active girl, they can be worn with above the knee dress, skirt or short to provide even more coverage and warmth. For girls, like myself, who are searching for the perfect compromise of style and comfort, they are perfect worn with a tunic. Those long tunics that don’t look quite right with bulky jeans but are too lovely not to buy, leggings are the answer. Thicker than tights but less bulky than trousers, leggings are ideal for tunics that skim over your waist but aren’t quite long enough for tights.. Just make sure your tunic covers your behind. Despite popular opinion, no one really wants to see your VPL or the exact shape of your bottom. 
So that was my first post on my take of modest styling. I’m looking forward to sharing more with you next month. But until then, I’ll be sharing some of my looks on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #CCModestStyle. Why don’t you get in on the action and post some photos of your modest style with the hashtag too? Or even better, let me know what you think of modesty in the comments below.
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