Company’s Bloggers Style the High Street

Two weeks ago saw me spending another day in another big city. Well, this time it was the big city. Yes, I spent a day in London eating at Somerset House (I slightly went OTT here), discussing history at the National Portrait Gallery and discovering Pret a Manger’s juices. Oh, and I attended the first ever Bloggers Style the High Street by Company Magazine.

The bloggers in question, alongside Lillah Parsons (far left) who hosted the evening.

 It was something of a hectic arrival at Tobacco Docks, where the event was being hosted. My friend, Jessie was kind enough to put me up for the night (#rurallife problems include no late trains) so I met her at Waterloo to do a luggage handover. Having been wondering round London with James earlier, I did have an outfit change planned. Unfortunately, in all the confusion of swapping bags I gave Jessie my dress I had planned on wearing! (You can see it here) Instead, I rocked up in my black knit and flared jeans with my dragon pointed heels and hummingbird necklace (here). I may not have looked my most fashionable but I also was darn comfy. If anything I felt more comfortable and less anxious in jeans, rather than a skirt I would have kept tugging at.

Once I actually arrived at the correct place, I proceeded to spend over half an hour in a queue along with numerous other ladies and gents. I’m pretty sure I saw some mums being dragged around by the younger attendees. While this part was a bore, once inside everything got a lot more exciting. I had my hair styled by Paul Mitchell– though I personally think they were unimpressed with my short hair- before getting some glitter neck art from Seekers of Sun and my lips glitter-fied by Glitter Lips.

Going all flicky with Paul Mitchell

The Seekers of Sun hard at work, decorating attendees’ bodies.

My neck art from Seekers of Sun. A little something simple.

Post Glitter-Lips with purpleish-red glittery lips.

Of the three beauty treats I tired, I’m afraid I was only impressed by Seekers of Sun. Their glitter body art didn’t rub off until I began to get changed afterwards and it still took two showers before it completely disappeared. Paul Mitchell impressed me the least as the stylist seemed somewhat dismissive of my short hair. She may have well told me I was boring for it! Glitter Lips also disappointed me with their claims. Their glitter lips might withstand kissing/smoking/eating/drinking but apparently they can’t stand up to a serial liplicker- I suffer from dry lips- and most of it was begining to peel during the actual fashion show. So well done Seekers of Sun, you were the only people who delivered what they promised.

The show itself was an interesting affair, which served to confirm something I’ve thought for a while. But first let me introduce the bloggers;

Megan Ellaby ( for Asos
Emma Hill ( for M&S
Coco’s Tea Party ( for Next
Patricia Bright ( for Oasis
Hannah Louise F  ( for Primark
Amy Bell ( for Warehouse
Doina Ciobanu ( for Yumi
Kavita Donkersley ( for River Island

If you hadn’t guessed, each blogger represented a particular high street store. Apparently, each one also had a different theme to style. Unfortunately, apart from Hannah’s MOD homage to Primark, I could not tell the themes apart. What I can say is that crop tops are still in for AW14 (do they realise it’s cold?) and that copious amounts of faux fur will be in store over the next few months.

Nina Nesbitt opened the show. I now really want her album!

 I, annoyingly, missed taking a photo of my favourite item from the night. It was a green leather look pencil skirt from Next that really took my fancy but I was too busy gawping to take a photo. However I did manage to get some other photos so here are some of my favourites…

I love how simple this is and how modest, for an evening dress. The neckline is probably my favourite part, as I love to make use of my chest but I tend to be scared over showing too much. This seems like a perfect compromise.
Such a Mexican/Western vibe to this outfit. I can even sort of imitate it with my black trilby (floppy brim) and handmedown blanket cape. And it looks so cosy, providing there is no wind.

I love a good stripe and I love shine! All that means is I highly approve of this combination. However, I don’t think I would have the guts to wear it around town.

Nice’n’cosy for winter! I don’t mind a little faux fur and this cape gets it right. It would be perfect for going to lunch with the girls in some trendy bistro… if only I lived near trendy bistros instead of supermarkets!

I’m loving that capes and leather/patent is again for AW14 and who doesn’t love a maxi version of the LBD. Is there anything more graceful yet seductive? However, I’m afraid my inner voice couldn’t let me sit comfortably for two reasons. Firstly, there were two wonderfully cheery male models/dancers who were part of the show. Great! Fashion is for men and women. What wasn’t so great was how their behaviour towards the female models felt a little dated at times. Almost reminding me of the guys who try to chat you up at the bar because they think they’re ‘all that’. Not something to leave me feeling comfortable.

The men in question having a little dance. The dances were actually fantastic and added to the party atmosphere.

The other reasons I wasn’t sitting comfortably was due to the fact that I realised I had grown away from the high street. Don’t get me wrong. I loved the green skirt (if anyone is feeling generous…) and the various capes and the breton top with pvc skirt were great. Yet the fact that each theme seemed so very much the same and every blogger seemed to be pushing faux fur coats made me crave a little more individuality. I realised then and there that I wasn’t ready to follow the trends or wear what the shops wanted me to wear. Yes I will take what I like out of it, but there was no major heart thumping at the awe of the clothes on show. What can I say except this… I think I’ve gone (rural version of) hipster! Or should that be indie? These clique labels confuse me.

Anyway, back to the main event. I enjoyed the show and I would like to thank the bloggers, shops and Company for putting on the event. However, at least for this season, the high street is not for me. I’ll be keeping my eye out for that green pencil skirt but otherwise I might be sticking to independents and charity shops.

I’m now left wondering if I’ve been a bit harsh on the high street? What are your views on it? Are you a hipster/indie type of person or happier mooching around Primark and New Look? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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