I’ve been lucky enough to work with some fantastic independent businesses since 2013. If you would be interested a CounterCultural. CounterCouture. collaboration, please get in touch.

The Word is…

Collaboration with The Word Is

Helen Rutland is a Christian designer based in Cheltenham. With her scripture-based slogan t-shirts and hoodies, alongside cards and prints, she’s looking to challenge the world to see the truth of the Word.

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The Magpie Project

Collaboration with The Magpie Project

 The Magpie Project is all about turning the trash that we throw away regularly into new treasures. From bike tyre belts and pendants to accessories made from old drink cans. Even the wire for the necklaces is made from the wire that shapes bike tyres. It just shows what can happen when people put their mind to something.

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My collaboration with Slendertoxtea was brief but definitely interesting. 100% natural, it is a great quick fix for dropping a few pounds if you’re not intolerant to the tea. (Unfortunately I was.)

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Since I started blogging, I have been lucky enough to receive the odd freebie every so often. I have also used affiliate links so that you can go shopping with ease to. As of January 2016, we will therefore be marking posts containing gifted items or affiliate links with an asterisk (*) but I want to assure you, my readers, that I would never feature an item that I had not tired out myself first. I will endeavour to always give an honest review so that you have all the facts you need.